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Know about Robert Carradine’s Son Ian Alexander Carradin


Ian Alexander Carradine is the son of the American Actor, Robert Carradine. He is known in the public sphere due to his father’s celebrity status.  Robert Carradine belongs to the Hollywood family, as both his parents, Sonia Sorel and actor John Carradine were actors too. Robert’s parents divorced when he was 2 years old, upon which his custody along with his two brother’s was given to his father after 3 months of custody battle. During those three months, the kids were kept in homes for abused children. However, it was a bitter life experience for three of them as they described it “being in jail. There were bars on the windows, and we were only allowed to see our parents through glass doors. It was very sad. We would stand there on either side of the glass door crying”.

Ian Alexander Carradine Family Background

Ian’s father, the American actor, Robert, lived with his father and third wife, Doris Grimshaw, whom he believed to be his real mother. Only when he attained the age of 14, he was told that his real mother was not Doris but Sonia. In 1972, Ian Alexander Carradine’s father, Robert made debut in movies with, “The Cowboys” also starring John Wayce. He then went on to appear in many movies and television shows such as Mean Streets, Revenge of the Cheerleaders, Massacre at Central High, Ghosts of Mars, etc. Ian Alexander also has an elder sister Marika Reed Carradine and a stepsister Ever Carradine. Ian Alexander’s family has produced many well-known celebs and actors including his half uncle David Carrdine,

Ian Alexander Carradine Career & Education

Not much is known about the qualification of Ian Alexander Carradine. However, currently he is pursuing his interest in photography as per his instagram posts. The starkid is now and then seen to be posting and showcasing his exceptional photography and editing skills. He seems to have more interest in remaining behind the camera. His portraits are available for buying purposes on various websites. Ian’s father Robert Carradine landed the lead role in the 1978 Oscar-winning Vietnam War drama “Coming Home,” directed by Hal Ashby. The film was praised by critics for Carradine’s performance. In the 1980 film “The Long Riders,” the three Carradine brothers starred with other pairs of brothers, such as Christopher and Nicholas Guest and Dennis and Randy Quaid. He co-starred in “The Big Red One,” a war film, the same year alongside Mark Hamill.

Ian Alexander Carradine Net Worth

As Ian Alexander Carradine’s life remains in a more private sphere, not much is known about his income or net worth. However, Ian’s father’s net worth is somewhere around $300. The actor is in his early 70s and was last seen in High Holiday.


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