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Donald Von Wiedenman Personal Life, Career and More

Donald Von Wiedenman

Donald Von Wiedenman was born on August 10, 1944. He is the ex-husband of Cass Eliot, a former American singer, actress, and member of the Mamas & the Papas. Right now, he lives in the United States of America. Read the full article to know more about Donald’s personal and professional life.

Marital Status

Donald Von Wiedenman was married to Cass Eliot. Their relationship didn’t last for a longer duration, and they got divorced. According to our research, Donald is single as of now.

Education and Career

We don’t have any information about his educational background. We are still searching about it. Once we get to know, we will update about it soon. Stay connected to know more.

Wife’s Details

American singer and voice actor Ellen Naomi Cohen, better known by her stage names Mama Cass and Cass Elliot, was born on September 19, 1941, in Baltimore, Maryland. She participated in the vocal group The Mamas & the Papas. Elliot recorded five solo albums after the band got eliminated.

Cass Elliot’s Educational History and Career

Elliot performed in the show The Music Man in 1962 after dropping out of high school to pursue a career in theatre in New York, but Barbra Streisand won the role of Miss Marmelstein in I Can Get It for You Wholesale. While serving as a cloakroom attendant at The Showplace in Greenwich Village, Elliot occasionally performed, but she didn’t pursue a singing career until she relocated to the Washington, DC, vicinity to attend American University.

Personal Life

Elliot married James Hendricks, a member of the Big 3 and the Mug umps, in 1963. It was a courtesy marriage that was never formally adopted, and they got divorced in 1968 to help him avoid getting drafted for the Vietnam War. Elliot then married Donald von Wiedenman, a descendant of a Bavarian barony, in 1971. However, they decided to part their ways after a few months of their marriage.

Cause of Death

On April 22, 1974, Elliot passed out in The Tonight Show’s television studio in California just before her scheduled appearance. After receiving medical attention and being discharged, she later explained the incident away as simply being exhausted in interviews, including those she gave on The Tonight Program on May 7 and The Mike Douglas Show, a talk show with a Philadelphia-based audience. It has been reported that she passed away in her sleep due to heart failure.

Net Worth

Donald Von Wiedenman’s net worth is currently under review. We couldn’t find anything related to it. Stay connected to learn more. However, his wife Cass Elliot had a net worth of $20,000 at the time of her demise.

Awards and Recognitions

Cass’s contribution to The Mamas & the Papas earned her an honorary nomination into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. We couldn’t find any information about Donald’s achievements as an actor. We will let you know once we find out about it.


We don’t have much information about the life and career of Donald Von Wiedenman. This is all we were able to find about him and his wife Cass Elliot. Stay connected with us to read more about these celebrities.

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