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Boris Roussimouff Andre the Giant’s Father


Boris Roussimouff was born in March 1907 in Ribaritsa, Lovec, Bulgaria. Boris Roussimouff came to light because of Andre the Giant, a professional wrestler known for his huge body size.

Boris Roussimouff was married to Mariann Roussimouff (Maraszek), and they were blessed with five kids, although only Andre the Giant’s details are shared with the public. It is believed that Andre the Giant had two older and two younger siblings, but unfortunately, that has not been verified as no information about them was shared with the public.

Boris Roussimouff Andre, the Giant’s father, was known to be a Bulgarian and his mother, Mariann, a polish.

Boris Roussimouff Son Andre the Giant

Andre the Giant’s official name was Andre Rene Roussimouff, a professional French wrestler and actor. The wrestler was born in May 1946 to Boris Roussimouff and Mariann Roussimouff in Coulommiers, France, and he became a notable figure for his great size, which was contributed by gigantism.

The huge size of Andre, the Giant, adding his height resulted in his nickname “The Eighth Wonder of the World.” Boris Roussimouff’s son Andre the Giant was an average student, but he was very good at mathematics. As required by France at that time, Andre the Giant finished school at the age of fourteen. He did not think about furthering his studies but decided to join the farm as a laborer.

Boris Roussimouff’s son Andre the Giant disclosed in an interview that his mother was 5 feet 2 inches tall, his dad was 6 feet 2 inches tall, and his grandfather was 7 feet 8 inches tall.

Boris Roussimouff Son Andre the Giant’s Family

Boris Roussimouff’s son Andre the Giant was known to have married Jean Christensen. The couple was blessed with a daughter Robin Christensen-Roussimouff who grew up to be like his father, a wrestler and actor. Unfortunately, Andre the Giant’s wife passed away in 2008, leaving their daughter an orphan.

Boris Roussimouff Son Andre the Giant’s Career and Death

Andre the Giant was commonly known as a professional wrestler who doubled as an actor. Wrestling was his career, and it contributed greatly to his wealth. Before he passed away, he was known to have earned $10 million from his wrestling career.

In the WWF, now known as WWE, Andre the Giant, the son of Boris Roussimouff, was a one-time WWF Champion and one-time WWF tag team champion.

Unfortunately, Boris Roussimouff’s son, Andre the Giant, breathed his last and succumbed to death on January 27th, 1993. Andre died while mourning his father, which was attributed to Congestive heart failure. He died while in Paris, France, at the age of 46 years.

The famous wrestler became the inaugural inductee of the new WWF Hall of Fame after his death. Moreover, he was added as a charter member of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame.

Andre the Giant was named the second greatest big man in wrestling history after The Undertaker.

Boris Roussimouff Death

Boris Roussimouff died in Paris, France, at age 85 in January 1993. His son Andre the Giant was mourning his father’s death when he passed away.

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