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Bernice McMurray Scott Personal Life, Career, & More

Bernice McMurray Scott

Apart from gathering information about celebrities, people also show much interest and enthusiasm for their family members too. Not only that they also try to peek into the lives of the individuals who are with the celebrities whether they are a part of the family or not.

But this time the article will present something about one of the family members of a famous personality. No, this time it’s about any actor or actress. This time the blog will convey a brief description of the life of the author’s mother, Bernice McMurray Scott. She is one of those parents who gained proficiency in front of the world because of her child. 

The article is presented to the audience to convey information about who Bernice McMurray Scott is. Along with her, a few minutes will also be there to make people understand her daughter too. 

Personal Life 

Bernice McMurray Scott was born in 1904. She was the daughter of Martin Van Buren McMurry and Mollie McMurry. Bernice git married to Obie Scott. The couple had four children. However, Bernice was well-known because of her singing talent and musical knowledge. Apart from this nothing else can be gathered about her as her daughter Coretta Scott King had not conveyed much about her during an interview or conversation. 

Bernice’s Daughter And Her Net Worth

Bernice’s daughter AKA Coretta Scott King was a popular American author and activist. She was well-known for her works and struggle to acquire the civil rights of the people. Coretta Scott was born on 27th April 1927 in Heiberger, Alabama, the U.S. She never went to a normal school to complete her studies. However, Corette attended a boarding school which was at Booker T. Washington.

If anyone speaks about leadership then she can be a good example. She came up very prominently after her husband’s assassination. However, from there she took up the responsibility of the fight for racial equality onto her shoulder. On the other hand, this made her an active member of the Women’s Movement.

She also came up with an idea to make his husband’s birthday a national holiday after establishing the King Center. Nonetheless, it will sound very strange but Coretta Scott raised her voice to provide equal rights for the LGBTQ community of society. 

But her entire life changed when she suffered from a massive stroke in August 2005. Because of this, her right side got fully paralyzed. However, she died because of other reasons. She left everyone due to respiratory failure as well as several complications of ovarian cancer. At the age of 78, this activist vacated a big part of the rights movement on 30th January 2006 in Rosarito, Mexico. 

Coretta Scott King had a net worth of 1.5 million dollars. 

Bernice’s Net Worth

Bernice McMurray Scott left the world in 1996. If the person is not in this world then who can anyone think of her current net worth? 


Bernice’s daughter, Coretta Scott King, provides an appropriate reflection of how her parents had bought her up. Despite being a woman she fought for the rights of the people bravely and fearlessly. 

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