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Barbara Meshad Dooley: All About Vince Dooley’s Wife


Barbara Meshad is a radio personality, but the main reason for her popularity was her union with Vince Dooley. Barbara married the American football coach in 1960, and they stayed together until he died in 2022. Her husband is remembered as the former head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs from 1964 to 1988. He also served as athletic director at the University of Georgia from 1979 to 2004.

Did Barbara and her husband have any children? Keep on reading for more details about Barbara and her family.

Barbara Meshad Dooley Bio

Barbara Dooley was born on 8 September 1939 in Birmingham, Alabama. She attended Auburn University and earned her bachelor’s degree in speech therapy and special education. She also holds a master’s degree in guidance and counseling.

Barbara Dooley went by her birth name, Barbara Anne Meshad until she married Vince Dooley on 19 March 1960. They met at Auburn University when she was a student, and he was there as an assistant coach.

The couple had four children and was together for over six decades until Vince passed away.

Barbara Meshad Dooley Career

Aside from being a dedicated mother to their four children, Barbara has won numerous hats. For several years she worked as a real estate agent and hosted a radio talk show that ran five days a week. Barbara is also the author of two books: Put Me in Coach: Confessions of a Football Wife (1992) and Fourth and Inches: How to Win When Cancer is the Opponent (2015).

The highlight of her work has been as a philanthropist, having raised money for countless organizations on national and international levels.

Barbara Meshad Dooley Children

As aforementioned, Barbara and her husband had four children. They are Daniel, Deanna, Denise, and Derek. Derek followed in his father’s footsteps and is a football coach and former player. Derek served as the head coach at Louisiana Tech University (2007-2009) and the University of Tennessee (2010-2012). Derek is currently senior offensive analyst for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

From Derek, Barbara happens to be a grandmother to John Taylor, Peyton, and Julianna.

Barbara Meshad Dooley Husband

Vincent Joseph Dooley was born on 4 September 1932 in Mobile, Alabama, and died on 28 October 2022 in Athens, Georgia. He attended McGill Institute, where he competed on behalf of the school’s athletic team, the Yellow Jackets. He was awarded a football scholarship at Auburn University, where he played college football. Dooley returned to Auburn and obtained a master’s degree in history in 1963.

While at Auburn for his master’s, Dooley worked as quarterback coach for five years and later served as the institution’s head freshman coach for three years. He became head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs in 1963, aged 31, even though he had no previous experience. Dooley led the Bulldogs to numerous victories and earned the SEC Coach of the Year four times. By the time he retired as head coach in 1988, Dooley was the second-winningest coach in SEC history.

Dooley maintained his position as UGA’s athletic director.

He died at home on 28 October 2022, aged 90, after he had just recovered from mild COVID-19 symptoms.

Wrapping Up

Barbara was a supportive wife for the 61 years she was Dooley’s wife. Her golden heart has seen her give back to the local and international community.


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