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Little Kid Life Of Army Gray Lemanowicz

Army Gray Lemanowicz

The Mystery 101: Killer Timing might ring a bell in everyone’s mind for it shook the nation with a storm of mystery, Jill Suzanne Wagner who is an American actress and TV personality starred in that mystery movie and gained fame through her acting and performance gave birth to her first daughter on the17th of April in the year 2020, at 12:36 pm on a Friday.

Army Gray Lemanowicz’s Mother

Army Gray Lemanowicz’s Mother Jill Suzanne Wagner is famously known for starting in multiple Hallmark movies. Because of this very thing she is known as the “Hallmark Channel Girl.” After graduating college she wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry so she moved to California in an effort to find her way to her dreams. Born on the 13th of January in the year 1979 she is a TV personality who has had a successful career path.

Her last television appearance was in the year 2021 in the show titled “A Christmas Miracle for Daisy” where her character name was known as Whitney Alder. Her notable works are the Mystery 101 series which includes Mystery 101: Playing Dead, Mystery 101: Words Can Kill, Mystery 101: Dead Talk, Mystery 101: An Education in Murder, Mystery 101: Killer Timing, and Mystery 101: Deadly History.

Army Gray Lemanowicz’s Father

David Lemanowicz was a pro hockey player who started his career at 19. He represented Canada. He continued as a coach in the field of hockey even after his retirement. He’s Canadian-Polish and was born on the 8th of March in the year 1976.

Army Gray Lemanowicz’s Sibling

Army Gray Lemanowicz has a sibling by the name of Gina. Gina is actually Army Gray Lemanowicz’s step sibling. Gina was the first daughter of David Lemanowicz’s first marriage with Lija Lemanowicz. They both got married in the year 2005 and divorced in the year 2013. Meanwhile, Gina was born in the year 2010.

It was reported that Army Gray Lemanowicz has another sibling who was born on the 19th of August in the year 2021. Army Gray Lemanowicz’s sibling was born a year after her. She goes by the name Daisy Roberta Lemanowicz.

The Story Behind Her Name

It was reported that Jill Suzanne Wagner was conceived with Army Gray Lemanowicz on the 4th of July, the day the United States got independence establishing the United States of America.

It was not only because of this patriotic occasion but also because of the fact that Jill Suzanne Wagner’s husband David Lemanowicz’s was serving in the military back then. Hence, it was in fact to honor both the occasions that they picked the name Army which is associated with independence as well as military.

Moving onto her middle name which is Gray, Jill Suzanne Wagner said she had always loved that name and the name’s meaning has a bunch of other attributes such as strong, intelligent, soft, and feminine and she hopes her daughter becomes like that.


Army Gray Lemanowicz is only 2 years old at the moment so there isn’t much information about this pretty little baby girl. But hopefully, she grows all healthy along with her loved family. It is noted that she lives with her step sibling Gina Lemanowicz and her younger sister Daisy Roberta Lemanowicz. All of them live happily together.


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