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Alessandra Linville Bailey: A Few Facts To Know

alessandra linville bailey

Alessandra Linville Bailey is one of those little kids, who are born in the glitter of the glamour world. Probably, this is the reason that Alessandra Linville Bailey handles the media spotlight so well even at such a tender age. She is best known for being the daughter of American actress and fashion model, Devon Aoki.

Today, let’s talk about Alessandra Linville Bailey in detail covering every single detail about her life including her childhood, parents, siblings, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

In 2013, American actress Devon Aoki and her husband James Bailey were bursting with joy because they have become the proud parent of a little angel and it was Alessandra Linville Bailey. Being a celebrity daughter, Alessandra Linville Bailey is having a privileged childhood that is not possible for ordinary kids. The little girl is just 9 years old and enjoying every bit of her childhood. Considering her age, she obviously can’t have any romantic involvement.

Parents and siblings

Alessandra Linville Bailey is the second child and the first daughter of her parents Devon Aoki and James Bailey, who started dating way before their marriage in 2011. In fact, they had two kids when they got married. Today, her parents have 4 kids together. The names of the siblings of Alessandra Linville Bailey are Eleanor Talitha Bailey and James Hunter Bailey, Jr.

If you talk about the profession of her parents, you already know that the mother of Alessandra Linville Bailey is an acclaimed fashion model as well as an actress. As for her father, he is said to be a renowned financier.


Well, Alessandra Linville Bailey is just a little child right now. Given the fact, she obviously does not have any kids.

Education and profession

Not much information is available on the educational background of Alessandra Linville Bailey. However, considering her age, we assume that today she is definitely a school-going kid. Since she is the daughter of rich parents, it is also sure that she would be getting her education from a reputed School. As far as the profession of Alessandra Linville Bailey is concerned, she is too young to get involved in any profession right now.

Reason for the popularity of Alessandra Linville Bailey

Hands down, the one and only reason for the popularity of Alessandra Linville Bailey is her mother, who is also very active on social media other than having a successful career as an actress and fashion model. Her Instagram feed is always filled with the cuteness of her kids and this is the reason that all of them are popular today.

Net worth of Alessandra Linville Bailey

Let us tell you clearly that the little child does not have any net worth as of now. As for the net worth of Alessandra Linville Bailey’s mother, she has an estimated net worth of around 30 million right now.


It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Alessandra Linville Bailey has inherited the beauty of her mother. Seriously, she looks so flawless and stunning even at such a young age of 9. We would really love to see this little girl on the big screen.

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