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Who is Aaron Elliston Jones’s Mother

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Aaron Elliston Jones is a celebrity son of Vinnie Jones. Vinnie Jones is a former professional footballer who also captured the hearts of many fans as an actor, producer, singer, and presenter. Aaron was born in 1991 to Vinnie Jones and his former girlfriend, Mylene Elliston.

Arron’s father was a footballer, and he played as a defensive midfielder from 1984 to 1999 for teams like Wimbledon, Leeds United, Sheffield United, Chelsea, and Queens Park Rangers.

Were Aaron Elliston’s Parents Married?

Aaron’s parents were dating when they had him in 1991. Vinnie Jones revealed that he was never married before he met his late wife, Tanya Jones, but he had a son with another woman.

Vinnie Jones married Tanya Jones, who was his childhood sweetheart. They were neighbors in their hometown Watford, and when they were sixteen, they dated for a while before going their separate ways.

When Tanaya and Jones separated, Tanya found her love and married Steve Terry, a footballer. The marriage of Tanya led to one child Kaley Jay Terry, although the marriage ended after a few years.

After Tanya and her former husband divorced, she reconnected with her childhood sweetheart Vinnie Jones, who had a son at that time but was not married.

Vinnie Jones and Tanya Jones exchanged vows in 1994, and jones adopted Tanya’s daughter. Jones loved Kaley Terry and often referred to her as his daughter.

Who is Aaron Elliston Jones’ Step Mother

Aaron’s stepmother was called Tanya Jones, and he was the first wife of Aron’s father. Aaron spent time with his father and was often seen in the company of his stepmother and half-sibling.

Arron had grown to love his stepmother, but unfortunately, she passed away in 2019 after spending twenty-five years with her husband. She was 53 when she died and had been battling cancer for six years.

What Led to Tanya Jones’ Death

Tanya Jones was a strong lady who died in 2019 after battling cancer for six years. Before her death, she had other health problems like heart problems. Tanya was diagnosed with heart problems when she gave birth to her daughter and underwent a heart transplant.

Tanya developed skin cancer later in life, spreading to her cervix, brain, and Kidney in 2018. Tanya died surrounded by his beloved husband, son, and daughter. Jones, who was at her bedside, revealed he had no plans to marry.

The Career of Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones is in the army and joined when he was 17. Jones revealed he was a proud father because joining the army was his teenage dream, but he wouldn’t achieve it. When he went to join the army, he was accompanied by a friend with a criminal record, which barred him from joining the army.

Although Vinnie Jones did not make it, he is a proud father after his son joined the army at seventeen. Trusted sources indicate that Aaron joined Blues Royal of the British army after he trained at the Army Foundation College.

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