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8 Creative Ways to Wear Jewelry with Formal Outfit

8 Creative Ways to Wear Jewelry with Formal Outfit

Regardless of the occasion, you want to show your personality when you are going out. Formal dresses look elegant, but with some creative jewelry pairings, you can really let the world know who you are.

We rounded up 8 creative ideas you can try with your formal outfits. All these tips will elevate your look, bring out your personality, and make you stand out, and it does it all while being appropriate for any formal occasion.

Create a Focal Point

Before getting into jewelry ideas, let’s discuss something important – the focal point. What you don’t want to do is wear multiple jewelry pieces that are fighting for attention.

Formal outfits are elegant, often subtle and minimalistic, and always classy. If you wear a large earring with a bold necklace, it will throw your look off completely.

The upper half will look very busy and leave the bottom half of your outfit feeling barren. That is why you should always have a single focal point. The idea is not to wear one piece of jewelry. Rather, there should be only one piece of jewelry that should stand out.

You can wear earrings with a necklace or bracelets, but if you are wearing large earrings, you should wear a minimalistic necklace. Again the idea is to have one focal point. It will make your outfit look together and cohesive.

8 Creative Ways You Can Wear Jewelry With Your Formal Outfit

You can go crazy with jewelry, and that is what we love about it. When you wear a formal outfit, you must be more purposeful. Here are 8 ways you can stand out and wear jewelry with formal outfits properly:

1. Experiment With Colors

Experiment with bold colors when pairing jewelry with a formal outfit. The contrast can look very intriguing. Pick complementary colors, though.

An elegant black dress is the best pick for a formal look. Black goes with everything. You can also wear a multicolored stone jewelry piece to add some extra flair.

However, do not mix and match colors too much if you also have accessories. It will throw off the consistency of your look.

2. Pair Jewelry That is Appropriate for the Occasion

A good rule of thumb is to wear jewelry that befits the occasion. If it is a formal setting, like a ball, aim for something subtle yet classy.

You can take a look from casual to smart and formal just by changing the type of jewelry you wear – given that your outfit is also versatile. You do not want to clutter your look with too much jewelry, like a pendant set or a minimalist necklace for formal occasions.

3. Wear Jewelry According To Your Neckline

Speaking of necklaces, they are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you can adorn. Plus, they are suitable for all occasions. You can also wear a personalized name necklace to add a bit of personality to your look.

One thing to remember when wearing a necklace with your dress is the neckline. Different necklines suit best with specific types of necklaces.

For example, a scoop neckline dress goes perfectly with shorter necklaces or pendants. However, an asymmetric necklace can elevate a dress with an off-shoulder neckline.

4. Try Layering Necklaces

Layering is another way you can add some pizzazz to your look. It is a very unique look that brings out your personality. Try layering different kinds of necklaces, but make sure you layer in a way that compliments your look.

The idea is to look elegant. Therefore, you certainly do not want to go overboard and overdo it with the layering. Subtle layering can add contrast, taking your look for the occasion up a notch.

A couple of things you can do is add length and style variations, but as always, plan around your outfit. Layered necklaces look fantastic with v-necks or scoops.

5. Do Not Ignore Hair and Nail Adornments

Let’s be honest; most people, when talking about jewelry, usually mean rings, necklaces, and earrings, but forget two interesting ways to incorporate creative jewelry pieces – hair and nail adornments.

Hair accessories, such as Paris Mode claw clips, are an unexpected way to add a touch of bling to your hairstyle. You can get creative with them and use them to show off your personality too. You can even repurpose old jewelry as hair accessories if they work.

Additionally, there are nail accessories and many different styles and ideas you can try if you want a specific look.

6. Pair a Modern Outfit With Vintage Pieces

Another thing you must try is wearing a vintage piece of jewelry with a modern and sleek formal outfit. If you do it right, you can make yourself look sophisticated with a vintage piece.

How do you do it right? It all depends on what formal outfit you wear for the occasion. You can wear multiple bracelets, for example, but ut opt for slimmer bracelets if you are wearing a long-sleeved dress.

7. Mix Metals

Gasp! Yes, we know. Back in the olden days, mixing metals was a big no-no. Jewelry experts insisted against it. However, this is not the case anymore. In fact, you can mix metals like silver with gold to create your own personal look.

And you can get creative with it too! It allows you to create a unique look, but be careful not to damage any of your pieces. Some metals are harder than others and can damage softer materials.

Diamonds can scratch pure gold very easily – that is not something you would want.

8. Experiment with Different Precious Stones

Everyone wears diamonds and other common precious stones. If you want to stand out, rare precious stones like Yellow Diamonds are sure to turn heads.

If you are thinking to yourself, yeah, well, Yellow Diamonds are still diamonds; there are others. You can wear ruby, emerald, sapphire or pearls.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Hopefully, now you have a solid idea of some creative ways of wearing jewelry with a formal outfit. The important thing is to bring out your personality and be comfortable with the look.

If something does not feel like you, try something else. It is fine. And here are some jewelry ideas to spruce up your summer look.

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