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Tips to match jewellery with summer outfits

match jewellery with summer outfits

Everyone wants to look their best in summer. It’s the season of holidays, events and soaking up the sunshine whenever you can. Finding the right styles can be tricky if you’re balancing style with comfort in the heat. Add jewellery choices into the mix and choosing the ideal combinations becomes even trickier. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips to help you out below.

Complement your skin tone

Selecting the right balance of colours and tones is key to pulling a fabulous summer outfit together. Don’t just consider your clothes, factor in your skin tone and jewellery pieces to create a look that works for you.

Each jewellery style and material complements different skin tones differently. Staples like diamond rings work for all complexions, so you can never go wrong. Lighter skin tones work great with neutral pieces and colours such as gold and silver. Darker complexions can afford to go a bit bolder with bright greens, blues and yellows.

Choose the minimalist look

Overcomplicating your jewellery and outfit combinations can detract from your style during the brighter summer months. Instead, go for a minimalist look that highlights certain features and areas of your body.

A simple necklace with an open neckline can be stunning and not draw too much attention away from the rest of the outfit. Alternatively, bracelets and earrings can complement gorgeous summer outfits where you’re covering your neckline.

Avoid over-layering

Layering can be an effective way to combine your favourite pieces in an outfit, but you don’t want to over-layer with a summer look. Focus on one area to wear multiple pieces, whether that be layering bracelets, necklaces, bands or earrings.

Stick to similar or complementary colours if you’re layering jewellery. Wearing contrasting colours is tricky to get right and could do more damage to your style than good.

Match the occasion

Summer is the season of weddings, holidays, garden parties and many more events. Each will demand a certain look and feel, so consider the situation for your jewellery choices.

Classic colours and statement pieces often look glorious for a wedding. Vibrant and energetic additions can really bring your holiday and sun-kissed skin look to life. Think about the weather and temperature too. Layers of jewellery may be uncomfortable if you’re outside in the heat for a while.

Summer outfits are all about showing off your defining features and dressing for the occasion. Choose your jewellery wisely to complement your skin tone and your choice of clothing.

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