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Sustainable Living: 5 Must-have Solar Products (PLUS Key Benefits)

Sustainable Living

More and more homeowners are turning to solar-powered products for a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Investing in eco-friendly devices allows you to do your bit for the environment while benefitting from reduced energy bills.

Advanced technology has improved the functionality of solar-powered devices for household use. For example, by harvesting sunlight with photovoltaic solar panels, these devices can efficiently run without electricity, reducing your reliance on the national grid. So, installing solar skylights is one excellent example of using a fixture powered by the sun’s energy and getting loads of benefits in return.

What else can you consider for your home?

Read on as we share household solar products that are popular with eco-conscious homeowners wanting to decrease their carbon footprint while practicing sustainability.

5 Solar Products Every Homeowner Should Have for a Sustainable Home

1.  Solar Residential Hot Water Systems

Up to 27% of the electricity used in Australian homes is for powering hot water systems. This makes up a substantial part of the homeowner’s energy bill which could be reduced if you installed a solar-powered residential hot water system.

Using electricity from a solar hot water system reduces your carbon footprint, as it results in virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions. The solar photovoltaic system works well in areas that have a sunny climate and if your roof gives you good access to sunlight throughout the day.

2. Solar-Powered Skylights for Night Lighting

If you’re looking for an alternative to artificial lighting, skylight installers Sydney homeowners use offer a great solution. One popular product range is known as tubular daylighting devices. Here, the skylight captures natural lighting and brings it indoors. This is particularly useful for small rooms that don’t get a lot of sunlight such as bathrooms and hallways.

Solar-powered skylights have taken things one step further by ensuring you have night lighting as well. By installing a solar panel with the skylight, the sun’s energy is harvested and used to power your night lighting fixtures. With solar skylights, you get the benefit of day and night lighting without relying on an electricity supply from the national grid.

3. Outdoor Solar-Powered Sensor Lights

Sensor lights play a vital role in home security and in most cases, they’re powered by an electrical source. However, homeowners can now install eco-friendly products that rely on solar power to run the sensor lights.

For this, solar panels are installed on the roof of your home to capture the sun’s energy and store it in a battery. Converting from DC to AC, the battery uses the resulting energy to power up the outdoor sensor lights. When activated by motion, the sensor lights switch on and then turn off after a certain period.

4. Solar Inverters

Power outages are a nuisance especially if you work remotely from home or need to prepare dinner for the family. Solar-powered inverters ensure you work uninterrupted! The inverters come with photovoltaic panels that can be portable, making the system useful for camping trips as well.

Solar inverters reduce costly energy bills while making it possible to operate several household and home office appliances. Not only are they cost-effective but they’re a greener alternative to diesel generators for homeowners in rural areas where an electricity supply may not be available.

5. Solar Portable Charger

Every home should have a solar portable charger that can be used to power up the following devices without using an electrical source:

  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Kindles

A solar portable charger or power bank can be charged by placing it on a windowsill and is useful if you’re living in a remote area with a limited electricity supply or ongoing power outages. They’re useful for camping or road trips, keeping you connected when you don’t have access to conventional electricity sources.

3 Key Benefits of Solar-Powered Home Appliances and Gadgets

In case you’re still wondering what the key benefits are of using solar-powered home appliances and gadgets, check them out below:

  • Clean energy: Solar power is sourced directly from sunlight, making it a renewable energy source that’s clean and natural. It releases no toxic or greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Cost-effective: Once installation costs have been paid for, your solar power is free. Federal and state rebates are available for rooftop solar and battery storage, making this renewable energy source even more cost-effective for eco-conscious homeowners.
  • Portable: Solar-powered gadgets such as power banks and portable inverters make it easy for you to access power no matter where you are, in or out of the home. As long as there’s sunlight, you have a power supply!

Let’s not forget that solar gadgets and appliances can operate when the national grid goes down at the most inopportune times!

Final Thoughts

Tapping into renewable energy sources is possible when you use solar-powered products for household and home office purposes. Solar power is one of the cleanest ways to power devices without relying heavily on the country’s national grid. It’s the way to go for eco-friendly Australian homeowners who want to live sustainably while supporting a greener environment that benefits all.

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