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Window Upkeep Tips for This Cold Winter

Window Upkeep Tips for This Cold Winter

As winter takes over, we may take several steps to shield ourselves and our properties from the colder weather. We may buy warmer jackets and blankets for our family and pick up a set of winter tyres for our car. We will also insulate our pipes and check our gutters.

However, many of us will overlook window maintenance. This is unfortunate because neglecting your windows can result in drafts, leaks, and energy loss, making your home less comfortable and more expensive to heat.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at:

  • How to know if your windows need maintenance.
  • How to get your windows ready for winter.
  • Tools that will help with winter window upkeep.

4 Signs That Your Windows Need Maintenance

Watch out for the following indications that your windows need some attention:

#1 Drafts and Air Leaks

If you feel a noticeable draft near your windows, especially on windy days, it’s a sign that there may be gaps or cracks in the window frames. You can use a lighted candle or incense stick to detect air leaks around the windows.

#2 Condensation

Excessive condensation on the inside of your windows is a clear indication of poor insulation. It can lead to mold growth, rotting, and damage to the window frames and sills.

#3 Difficulty Opening or Closing

Windows that are difficult to open or close may be due to worn-out hardware or damaged components. Ignoring this issue can lead to further damage and compromise the security of your home.

#4 Visible Damage

Cracked or broken glass, rotting or decaying frames, and water stains on the windowsills are all signs that your windows require immediate attention.

Tips for Preparing Your Windows for Winter

  • Start by thoroughly cleaning your windows, both inside and out. Use a mild soap or window cleaner and a soft cloth to remove dirt, dust, and grime.
  • Inspect the window frames for any gaps or cracks and seal them using weatherstripping or caulk. Pay special attention to the areas around the window sashes, frames, and where the windows meet the walls.
  • If you notice any cracked or broken glass, rotting frames, or other significant damage, it’s essential to address these issues promptly.

Window Maintenance Tools and Products

  • Caulk Gun and Weatherstripping: These tools are essential for sealing gaps and cracks around the window frames.
  • Window Cleaner and Soft Cloth: Use a mild window cleaner and a soft cloth to clean your windows.
  • Insulating Film or Blinds/Curtains: Insulating films can be applied directly to the window glass, creating an additional layer of insulation.
  • Glass Repair Kit: This can help if you have minor cracks or chips in your window glass.

If your windows are beyond repair, reach out to a windows company that can make the perfect components for your home. For example, you can buy the right products for your home from custom window manufacturers in Kitchener that are aesthetically pleasing and durable during all seasons of the month.

Protect Your Home Investment

Proper window maintenance is critical, especially in countries with colder climates. By investing in your windows, you’ll keep the cold out and enjoy a warm and cozy home all season long. Don’t hesitate to get professional help if your components require replacement.

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