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Why Teenagers Are Facing Serious Mental Health Issues?

Why Teenagers Are Facing Serious Mental Health Issues 1

The best years of life are the early childhood days when you do not have to worry about anything. You can do whatever your heart says, cry whenever you feel like it, and scream out even in a room full of people. However, life does not always work like that, and you have to change constantly with time.

Nowadays, things have changed. These days, individuals do talk about their feelings.

They visit their psychiatrist to get advice and medications. There is still one problem! People who are aware of their mental issues or know what is going on inside them can visit a psychologist or talk about it, but what about teens?

Why Teenagers Cannot Talk About Their Problems?

Why Teenagers Are Facing Serious Mental Health Issues 2

Remember when your child starts to speak first, and you can’t understand what they are saying. You have to listen to them attentively and patiently so that you understand them and can help them. The adolescent period is somewhat similar to the childhood period.

At this age, you have to listen to them again with the same patience and tolerance level. When you allow them to sort things out themselves without any pressure and give them space, they will definitely talk to you.

What Affects Teens’ Mental Health?

Why Teenagers Are Facing Serious Mental Health Issues 3

When hitting the adolescent period, children go through many emotions. Emotions they never felt before, and when they felt them, they just couldn’t understand how to react. For instance, if you are 30 years old, and someone says your nose is so ugly, how would you react?

You definitely do not start to cry or hit the other person. Instead, you talk sensibly, right? But when someone says that thing to a 15-year-old teen, they will definitely react differently. That’s because they are inexperienced and just do not know how to react to such comments.

When they feel anxious or depressed, they start to indulge in bad activities such as smoking. Smoking always attracts people when they are at their lowest point. A majority of people who cannot cope with their anxiety start smoking.

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1.   Constant Fear Of Failure:

In today’s world, the competition is really tough. Everyone really has to give their 100% to win something in their lives. In such circumstances, a teen can easily come under pressure. A teen has to do so many things at the same time.

For instance, they have to score good marks, have to be good in other activities, and so many more things. All these things put pressure on them. They constantly live in the fear of failure, which eventually leads them to depression.

2.   Peer Pressure.

A good company of friends can positively affect your mind. Whereas a bad company can poorly damage your personality. When a teen is in the wrong place with the wrong group of people, they might get intimidated easily.

For example, your son goes out with their friends. All of your son’s friends drink and smoke. In such a case, what do you expect from your son? Of course, you don’t want them to do it, but you are not there with them; you are their friends. Their pressure can lead them to take action which they otherwise would not take.

On The Whole:

Mental health issues have always been there. Everyone has once encountered these issues but never talked about them openly. Sometimes, people just don’t understand what’s going on with them, and therefore, they can’t express it in words. Other times, there is social stigma attached.

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