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Defective Car Parts and Product Liability: Pursuing Claims Against Manufacturers

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In traditional liability cases, it is very easy to take the driver under the radar in case of an accident, but with the increase in technology and the introduction of electric cars in the market, things have quite literally changed. Even in the case of manual cars, it has been seen that the defects in the parts of the cars can end up causing destruction if they are not manufactured properly.

The consequences of such accidents can be really bad, and for that, serious claims can be filed against the manufacturers of such vehicles.

This all sounds very easy; however, getting the needed compensation is not very easy. A car accident attorney in Houston TX, can help you a lot in maneuvering through the complexities of filing a claim in case of defective parts of the vehicle.

Types of Defective Car Parts

There are a number of car parts issues that can be seen. Here are some of the common ones.

Airbags: Airbags are one of the most important features that are installed in the vehicles. These are supposed to open as soon as an accident occurs so that the passengers and the driver in the car can be protected.

If the airbags are defective, they can not open at the time of the crash and can cause serious injuries to the passengers and the driver sitting in the car.

Tires: Tires are used directly to make contact between the car and the road. If these tires are defective, they can end up causing serious injuries to the ones in the car. Some of the common defects that are observed in the car tires are the flat tires, blowouts, and sidewall failures.

These are all major manufacturing issues that can end up causing serious accidents.

Fuel Issues: The fuel supply system shall provide the correct delivery of fuels to the engine. The defective parts can cause engine fires or fuel leakages in the car. In case of a collision, flawed fuel tanks, lines, or reservoirs may result in the leakage of fuel, which increases the risk of an explosion.

Brakes: One of the most common defective parts seen in a car is the brakes. These are the most critical parts out of all, and if they don’t work fine, then there are high chances of accidents.

Some of the common defects of the brakes include brake failure, faulty brake pads, and reduced power of the brakes.

A lot of times, the brakes that are warned out cannot perform their function properly.

Liability in Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims are the ones that are being filed by those people who have gotten any kind of injury with the use of a defective product. In case of cars, the defective parts liability is called strict liability.

Strict liability only focuses on the harm that has been caused and the product that caused it. This is how it has been seen working.


In order to establish a claim of strict liability, the plaintiff has to come up with proper reasoning of how the product was defective and how it was not the plaintiff’s fault. There are three major types of faults that are observed.

Design Defects: if there is a design fault, it must be understood that this cannot just be on one product, but it is a fault of the whole design line.

Manufacturing Defect: Now, this occurs when a part gets separated from the original design of the manufactured product. This means that the product was not how it was supposed to be.

Marketing Defect: Sometimes, there are some common flaws that can be seen in the car, but these are not warned properly by the manufacturing companies, and this is how they cause accidents.

Damages and Injuries

The plaintiff has to make sure that he makes it clear about the injuries that have been suffered. They need to make it clear how all the damage and injuries are all linked to the use of the product and its defects.

The plaintiff can make claims about the financial, physical, and emotional injuries and damages that they have suffered in the accident.


When it comes to causation, it is a very different concept in product parts. This does not have to be proven like in human-intervened injuries. So, this is not a big headache here.


When it comes to defective car parts and dealing with product liabilities, the concept here is completely different from the traditional claim filing process. The intervention of a lawyer and an expert is very important here and must be implemented. It must be remembered that the rights of the customers are protected at all costs when it comes to liability in product defect cases.

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