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Which bag to choose to carry your laptop?

A guide on choosing a suitable laptop bag

A laptop is a valuable piece of equipment. You can use it for work and entertainment activities. Therefore one needs to acquire the best bag that will protect their machine. Visit https://messenger-bags.com/ for some great messenger laptop bags. Here you will get a variety of them made of different colors, styles and materials. At messenger-bags.com, you will get quality bags from different brands at an affordable rate. Do you know how to choose the right bag for your machine? Below are the primary tips to help you get a suitable bag for your machine and any other extra purpose.


When talking about size, there are two things that you need to consider here. One is the laptop sleeve and the bag’s size. You need to get a bag with sleeves compatible with your laptop. You don’t have to take one that is too small or bigger than the machine. If you get one bigger than your machine, there is a high chance of your laptop moving around as you move, which increases the chances of damage to your laptop. To get the right sleeve for your machine, you will have to carry it and test how it fits in.

There is no standard backpack measurement when it comes to bag sizes. Some bags can carry your laptop and other stuff like a lunch box or extra pairs of changing clothes. Large bags tend to be versatile, holding more than just the laptop. Despite that, they have one disadvantage: carrying them around is not comfortable. On the other hand, smaller bags are quite easy and comfortable to carry. The bag can accommodate any additional item that your pockets can’t handle.


Aesthetic is a primary consideration when buying a laptop bag, especially if you regularly walk around with it. Due to that, you may want to consider the bag’s appearance. Luckily there are over a thousand brands, meaning getting that one bag that fulfills your heart’s desires won’t be a problem. It is about the style and the ability to protect your machine adequately.

There is a saying that goes, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,’ therefore, it is hard for us to convince you which bag is fashionable. Below are some of the styles that you can come across:

  • Heritage
  • Slick
  • Techy
  • Sporty
  • Business casual
  • Classic


Budget is another factor you must consider when buying a laptop bag. Investing in a bag that will serve you for years rather than getting a cheaper one that will require a replacement after a short time is advisable. Quality bags tend to be more expensive; this should not hinder you from getting one for your laptop. By doing this, you will be saving your money from buying another bag soon.

You need to know that not all expensive bags are of good quality, as you might sometimes be paying for the brand, style or clever marketing. Therefore don’t refer to the price as a quality determiner. What you need to do is search for brands that have generous warranties on their gear. Go for companies like messenger-bags.com, who make quality products for their clients and are more than willing to guarantee.

Protective features

This aspect is not for everyone. You can choose it or do without. To those living in areas full of criminal activities, you might want to consider a bag with extra safety features. Having a laptop bag with hidden zippers, lock options, and a safeguarded laptop compartment enhances your security.

Choose a wide padded shoulder strap bag

A laptop bag with padded straps makes you comfortable while carrying it. In most cases, bags tend to be heavily packed, so it is advisable to choose one with wide padded shoulder straps. Unlike those with thin shoulder straps, these straps will distribute the weight evenly, making it less heavy.

Water resistant abilities

Your bag needs a laptop bag to prevent the waterfall from reaching your machine. You don’t need to go and look for a scuba diving bag; all you need is a bag that can withstand rain for 10-15 minutes. The 15 minutes are enough for walking to the nearest shelter and waiting for the rain to end. Your bag can be soaked in water, which will be a problem for the laptop. Therefore, get a water-resistant laptop bag.


Choosing a laptop bag is not as easy as it may sound. There are some attributes that you need to consider during the process. The laptop bag must be durable, protective and easy to maintain. You also need to consider the bag size; get the one that will fit your laptop well. You can consider many things when selecting a laptop bag, but price and style are more important. Therefore, consider the above factors anytime you go out for a laptop bag.

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