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What Should I Do If My Window Is Cracked?

Window Is Cracked

A small crack in your window can lead to major accidents and also affect your window’s structure. According to Houston’s best window replacement company, you should never ignore a crack in your window. If ignored, the crack will grow quickly, significantly damage your window, and also pose a risk to your home and its residents.

Why Does Your Window Crack?

Before getting into fixing the issue, you must understand why your window may have cracked. Many reasons could lead to cracks in your windows. The most common ones include:

Temperature Stress

The primary cause of stress cracks on your window glass is extreme temperature fluctuations. Stress cracks may appear when there are huge temperature differences between the outside and inside of your windows. These cracks will begin appearing from one edge and then spread to other parts. These cracks are very small and may even be unnoticeable in the beginning. However, if ignored, they will grow and spread across the window glass.

Pressure Changes

Pressure cracks are less common than temperature cracks. However, they may appear on your window if there is a change in the pressure system due to weather changes. Wrong placement can also cause pressure cracks in your windows. These cracks appear first as curves and will spread across the window over some time.

Hard Impacts

Hard impacts are one of the most common reasons for cracked glass in windows. These impacts could be of any kind, from a rock thrown in the air and an off-target ball to debris and dirt during a storm. Cracks caused by hard impacts have a center and spread across the glass in the shape of a starburst. Impact cracks could be big or small depending on the force of the impact.

How to Fix A Cracked Window?

There are two ways you can try to fix the cracked glass in your window. One provides a quick solution that handles the immediate problem temporarily, while the other could be a long-term fix.

Temporary Window Glass Fixes

Temporary fixes will require further attention in the future. However, they can prevent the crack from increasing further and maintain the structural integrity of the window. Common temporary solutions to cracked glass windows include:

Glass Adhesive: While glass adhesives are useful in repairing vehicle windows, they will be equally effective for your home. You can buy it at an auto maintenance store or online. You just need to follow the instructions on the box to fix the cracked glass.

Super Glue or Nail Polish: Filling the crack with clear super glue or clear nail polish can fix the problem temporarily. Wipe away the extra polish for a clean finish. Ensure you allow each layer to dry before applying a new layer.

Plastic Brace: If you are in a hurry and need to secure a cracked window, you can take a piece of thick plastic sheet and tape it on both sides of the glass. The piece of plastic should be larger than the crack. This will help you keep the window together till you find a better solution.

Strong-Hold Tape: Heavy-duty tapes, like packing or masking tape, can help hold the cracked glass for some time. One strip of masking tape on both sides of the crack can keep superficial cracks from worsening.

Permanent Solutions

If you are looking for a more long-term solution for your cracked window, then you can use epoxy to seal the crack. While epoxy repairs are more labor intensive, they can be a long-term solution for your cracked glass. If applied properly, the epoxy can make it look like the crack never existed. You will require a cotton rag, acetone, epoxy, glass cleaner, microfiber cloth, liquid dishwashing soap, and a putty knife for this process. Listed below are the step-by-step instructions for the epoxy solution:

  • To clean up any dirt and debris from the fractured glass, use a fresh towel, soap, and water. Don’t press down on the glass too hard.
  • Apply the epoxy to the crack using the putty knife. Let it dry for a while.
  • Use a razor blade to remove any excess epoxy mixture. You can also use a few drops of acetone to remove the excess mixture from the area.
  • When the procedure is finished, wipe the glass clean using a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner. The glass can even be polished to restore its original luster.

If you don’t want to attempt to repair the broken window glass yourself, you can use Maverick Windows’ qualified window repair specialists. They are a locally owned and run business with years of home window repair experience.

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