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What kinds of EV charging connector types?

What kinds of EV charging connector types

Those who are evaluating the possibility of joining electromobility should know that each charger, has a built-in physical connector that performs the task of communicating and transferring energy from the charger to the vehicle. Many tend to believe that the plugs used in charging points are universal, but this is not the case, said the EV charger manufacturers.

Depending on the connectivity and communication that exists between the charger and the electric vehicle, there are connectors that are enabled to charge. The most used and those that generate the greatest consensus at a national and international level are those that come from the European, American, Japanese and Chinese standards

      I.            What kinds of Vehicle side EV connector types?

These connector types fit in the vehicle side of the charger. Different countries have different versions of connectors, including the Portable electric car charger.

1.- SAE J1772 connector (Type 1)

It is adapted and accepted by Europe and Japan.

  • Type of charge: Slow and semi-fast.
  • Developers: North American
  • Current type: Alternative current mode.
  • Charging modes: 1, 2 and 3.
  • Models: Nissan LEAF, Tesla Roadster, Chrevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius Plug-in, among others.

2.- Mennekes connector or (Type 2)

It is also called Chameleon because it admits several types of recharges.

  • Charging type: Super slow, slow and semi-fast.
  • Developers: Germany
  • Current type: direct current mode and alternative current mode.
  • Charging modes: 2, 3 and 4.
  • Models: Renault ZOE, German brands such as BMW, VW, Porsche, etc.

3.- Single combined connector or CCS: Combo 1 and Combo 2

The Combo 2 solution consists of 5 pins (2 AC, 2 DC and 1 communication pin), while the Combo 1 option. It consists of 7 pins (2 extra pins, one for communication and one for use).

  • Current type: direct current mode.
  • Developers: German and North American
  • Charging type: Semi-fast and fast.
  • Charging modes: 2, 3 and 4.
  • Models: German brands such as BMW, VW, Porsche, etc.

4.- Scame connector (Type 3)

It is called EV Plug-in.

  • Charging type: Semi-fast.
  • Developers: Italian
  • Current type: direct current mode.
  • Charging modes: 3
  • Models: Small vehicle companies.

5.- CHAdeMO connector

It consists of a total of 10 pins, between power and communication.

  • Charge type: Fast.
  • Developers: Japanese
  • Current type: direct current mode.
  • Charging modes: 4
  • Models: Mainly Japanese companies, Nissan (Leaf and eNV200), Mitsubishi, etc.


Connector type Power Ratings (kW) Charging per 30 mins (miles)














Type 2 150




Type 1






Type 2 (DC)








   II.            What kinds of EV charger side connector types?

Alternating Current (AC)

The connector types are also of various types at the connector side. To provide alternative current to electric vehicles, you have two options.

3-pin plug

One is a typical 3-pin charging socket which is usually present everywhere- home, office or other garages. They provide slow charging speed.

  • Power rating: 2.3kw
  • Range per hour: 8 miles

Type 2  

The other is a Type 2 charge point socket which is common. You can use them in a way similar to charging your phones in the wall socket. The socket here is the same but the charging led is different for phones and cars.

  • Power rating: 7kw for single phase,

22kw for 3 phase

  • Range per hour: 25 miles

75 miles

Direct Current (DC)

Direct current is used for rapid charging. As far as charging points are concerned, there is no charging side socket in the DC type because they have tethered cables with CHAdeMO and CCS connectors.


Now that you know the different types of chargers used to recharge electric vehicles, you can discuss charging solutions for your current or before buying your future electric vehicle. If you need more guidance about current connector types or other information about electric vehicles, visit our website.

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