Home EDUCATION What Jobs Can You Get If You Study A Master’s In Fashion Styling Course?

What Jobs Can You Get If You Study A Master’s In Fashion Styling Course?

What Jobs Can You Get If You Study A Master's In Fashion Styling Course

Fashion Styling is a specialised professional discipline that entails using permutations and combinations to assimilate varied apparels & accessories, mixing and matching practicality, styles & trends, thus creating beautiful & appealing ensembles. He must possess deep insight into the industry trends, clothing, great sense of style, colours, textures & patterns and an eye for detail besides having an excellent communication, networking and collaboration skills.

Due to his expertise in highlighting the physical attributes of the model besides being involved in creating distinct varied looks using various clothing, props & accessories, he works with directors, writers, designers & photographers etc. to bring alive their vision.

The specialization, expertise & personal style helps aspirant decide on one of the following:

  • Personal stylist
  • Celebrity stylist
  • Photography stylist
  • Product stylist
  • Social media stylist

Career Opportunities after Masters in Fashion Styling: While there are multiple opportunities, we are listing few prospects as follows:

  • Fashion Stylist: Based on the design brief, the body type, his fashion knowledge, creativity and style statement that celebrity wants to portray, a stylist develops appealing and enticing displays utilising apparels, makeup and accessories. The objective being to communicate desired visual message at an event, photo/film shoots, news events & award shows etc. He is a kind of person who thrives in high pressure situation, stays calm, thinks on his feet and is capable of solving problems. Besides this he should have good communication and networking skills for he needs to collaborate with multiple teams from diverse disciplines.
  • Fashion Show Stylist: He is accountable for presenting the collection through a fashion show in a manner that ensures its success as well as desired laurels. His responsibilities include set designing, identifying the apt look with appropriate hair styling, makeup and accessories, casting of the right models, identifying the right music etc.
  • Personal Shopper: Being a fashion expert with deep knowledge about the fashion trends, he works with departmental stores or private clients or retailers or photographers etc. offering recommendations on wardrobe as well as styling. He comprehends his client’s requirements, the persona they want to portray, the type of event they will be present in etc. and accordingly proposes apt ensemble.
  • Fashion Designer: He is concerned with visualizing, ideating and designing apparels and/or accessories as per the client brief, ensuing fashion trends, customer requirements, market dynamics etc. He is also responsible for revenue as well as managing the entire production process right from conceptualizing to creating prototypes to identifying the right fabric & material in apt patterns, hues, colour& texture etc., to its final production, marketing, sales, merchandising, as well as events to showcase the collection.
  • Visual merchandisers: He is responsible for communicating about the brand at the retail level using visual concepts and strategies. Basis his knowledge of market dynamics, fashion trends and understanding of people etc., he promotes products and services online, in catalogues as well as in-store. Furthermore, he is responsible for training the retail teams, conducts events, ensures availability of right products in apt quantities at the appropriate time, thereby attracting the right target audience and ensuring revenue.
  • Creative Director: His is a senior post and with his experience and business acumen, he visualizes and strategize the look for the brand.

Register for masters in fashion styling and gear for a lucrative career.

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