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What is the best US shipping forwarder?

What is the best US shipping forwarder

Freight forwarders are a significant resource in the transport sector of any country. With their reliable connections, they find the best routes and prizes for their customers’ shipments. Critical factors in freight forwarding are the expertise and reliability portrayed by the logistics companies that customers interact with.

You know you are dealing with a reliable forwarding company if it ensures that the goods you purchased have gotten to your preferred destination in good shape and on schedule. MyUSAddress is your go-to company for all your shipping needs. You can click here if you need MyUSAddress mail forwarding services too. There are many shipping forwarders in the USA  that are available in the market. With that, it gets hard for customers to choose a company they can trust. If you are wondering what the best US shipping forwarder is, go by the following distinct factors.

A Company That Offers Competitive Shipping Rates

Check how the company’s shipping rates are faring against its top competitors. According to a survey by PayPal in 2018, one of the main reasons deterring customers from trying cross-border online shopping is the high shipping cost. However, you must note that cheap is not always a guarantee of safety.

Look for a company that provides premium services at the most affordable rates possible. Watch out for those that have exclusive benefits, like choosing the date and time for delivery by calling their assigned courier.

A Company That Provides Customers With Solutions To Online Payment Restrictions

You need a company that can shop on your behalf if your payment can’t get through. Sometimes, online payment has challenges; get a reliable company offering solutions. A study done in 2017 identified the credit card as the most preferred mode of payment in the world.

However, no matter how convenient this method is, it has restrictions. For instance, it charges expensive international fees. Also, most online stores in the US, like Best Buy and Macy’s, do not take credit cards from other countries to pay for goods, which further limits the customers’ choices and chances of acquiring the products they desire.

A Company That Eases Customer’s Worries About Taxes

Another factor that causes cross border shopping to feel more burdensome to many customers is sales tax. Work with a company where you will not need to pay sales tax for your purchases. Some states in the US charge a sales tax of a certain percentage of the products you have purchased.

Additionally, a USA Today article states that several local governments even require a local sales tax for goods bought. Considering the state you are shipping to, you may be charged an appropriate sales tax (local and statewide). Is it set from as little as 1.8 in Alaska to as much as 10% in Louisiana. That is the percentage of the total cost of the goods you have bought.

As a shopper, you may be fortunate enough to shop in states that do not require sales tax, like Oregon, New Hampshire, and Montana.

A Company That Informs You Of The Shipping Cost Before You Decide To Ship

The company you are working with should be transparent regarding shipping costs. When it comes to shipping, cross border shoppers are uncomfortable with not knowing the amount of money they will pay to do international shipping until what they have purchased reaches their forwarder.

It is an increasing concern for the shoppers that US freight forwarders searching for more customers must address.

A Company That Creates Solutions That Lower The Shipping Cost Further

Work with a company that allows you to consolidate your packages to save more money. Typically, customers get their packages in boxes that are way bigger than their purchased products. With this kind of packaging, customers have to pay more than they should for shipping.

A good freight forwarder is responsible for offering ways through which its customers will pay lower fees. For instance, MyUS allows you to save up to 80% on your shipping by putting different packages from different stores together to have one shipment.

A Trustworthy And Convenient Customer Service

Communication is critical to the success of the shipping process. You should work with a company you can talk to any time of the day and whose customer service team is ready and willing to assist you at every step. As a cross-border shopper looking for a shipping company, you can rely on, consider excellent customer service paramount. It should be a critical factor to consider when determining whether you will do a repeat transaction in international shipping with the company. You can contact MyUS to communicate your real-time issues with an agent.

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