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What Are the Common AC Problems You Should Look Out For?

Common AC Problems

The summer is back, and it is time to thank your air conditioner for making your life easy and comfortable! With the ever-rising temperatures, air conditioners have become a necessity rather than a luxury in most parts of the globe. When you are experiencing heat waves and dog days of summer, your life can quickly become unbearable whenever your air conditioner stops functioning. Hence it is important to keep your air conditioner in good condition with regular upkeep and maintenance. However, despite all your efforts, your AC might stop functioning. This is why understanding the common AC problems and when you should call for AC repair technicians can come in handy. They can help your units to function efficiently and prevent huge repairs in the future. Currently, approximately 90% of homes in the United States use some sort of air conditioning. This article will discuss a few common problems with air conditioners that you can catch to prevent costly future problems and boost the life span of these appliances.

Common Air Conditioner Problems To Look For:

  • Constantly running: It is completely normal for your AC to run non-stop during the summer weather, but it should turn off periodically and automatically. This can help to protect its vital parts and save on your energy bill. However, if it runs constantly without shutting off, you might have a problem with its air filters, thermostat, compressor, or other electrical parts. You can turn off the thermostat fan to check if doing that can shut off the AC or call your AC professional to pinpoint the specific problem.
  • AC not turning on: If your AC is not turning on, you have to check your thermostat batteries and replace them if they are dead. If everything is in working condition, you can check the thermostat settings whether it’s in cooling mode or in the desired temperature setting. If it is still not turning on, you can check if the circuit breaker- reset it or check if it is broken.
  • It is not blowing cool air: You might hear the AC functioning, but nothing is coming out of the ducts, or you might feel some air, but it isn’t cool at all. A dirty air filter can also limit the cooling power by further freezing up the condenser unit. It can also happen due to a dirty air filter that can block the airflow or a broken circuit. Sometimes even a broken blower belt or low refrigerant levels can affect the cooling of an air conditioner.
  • Water leak: If you are seeing water leaking from your indoor AC unit, it straightaway means that your maintenance is overdue. AC indoor water leaks can happen due to a clogged condensate drain of the system. Sometimes a broken condensate pump can also cause indoor water leakage. If the water leak is happening outside, that is when you witness a water puddle outside your home under the compressor, it can mean several things like a broken condensate pan, a dry air filter, improper installation, or bad AC seal.
  • AC refrigerant leak: When the coolant inside your AC starts leaking, the unit will not perform accurately, and the temperatures will start to fluctuate. This substance is responsible for cooling your home, and a leak can deteriorate the efficiency of your AC. Moreover, it can also harm your health and the overall environment around you. Regular checks of your air conditioner are necessary as the lines and connections of the unit tend to degrade over time.
  • Weird noises: It is a red flag if you can hear different noises coming from the AC that you haven’t heard before. These noises can be grinding sounds, squeaking, or strange vibrations. It can happen due to a worn-out or poorly aligned belt, motor bearing issues, or something more grave. Get in touch with your AC technician instantly before it gets worse.
  • Damaged compressor: The compressor is one of the most integral parts of an AC which helps to regulate the pressure and enable heat exchange. AC compressor failure can happen due to dirty coils, lack of lubrication, or refrigerant level changes. Also, the compressor will be heated and stop working if there is insufficient refrigerant and excess refrigerant can increase the internal pressure and cause it to fail.

Most common air conditioner problems can result from poor service procedures, faulty installations, and inadequate maintenance schedules. These factors can cause low airflow and leaky ducts. Sometimes the refrigerant charge might not match the manufacturer’s specification which can affect its efficiency and performance and might even leave it impaired. These factors that can cause AC problems can often arise from unqualified service technicians or the use of low-quality products. Sometimes certain air conditioner repairs can be costly. So, to enjoy the efficient performance and an ultimate cooling experience, it is crucial to schedule regular maintenance with a professional AC contractor. Don’t forget to schedule regular maintenance routines for your air conditioner before rolling it out to show its magic on a hot summer day.

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