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The Ultimate Office Moving Checklist and Timeline – 7 Things to Do Prior to 6 Months of Your Move

Ultimate Office Moving Checklist

Alright, let’s talk about the office shuffle – it’s no joke, almost like moving house. Think big desks, tricky-to-pack gadgets, and rooms full of office treasures. Plus, you can’t just hit pause on work while you sort it out – the show must go on.

Whether you’re hopping to a new floor or making a cross-country leap, office moving is a real deal, no matter if you’re a big shot or a small crew. If you’re diving into this adventure, we’ve got your back with a timeline and checklist to keep things on track.

Now, the office move game can start a year before the big day, but six months is when you kick things into gear. It’s the time to scout relocation services and map out the nitty-gritty details.

So, buckle up and let this guide be your moving buddy. We’ll make sure you’ve got the playbook to nail this office move like a pro.

6 Months Prior to Your Move – What to Do?

I. Review the Lease

So, if your lease still has some time left, you might be wondering about that deposit – is it a goner? And what about repairs? Do you need to fix up broken lights or patch chipped paint before saying your goodbyes?

According to Gmove Logistic, it’s like dealing with the aftermath of a party – the cleanup details matter. We’re talking about handing back the keys without any surprises.

II. Designate a Proper Moving Team

Are you the captain steering the whole ship, or are you more of a “delegate and conquer” type? Maybe you’re thinking, “Hey, team, handle this!” – and that’s cool.

So, who’s your go-to for each task? Someone planning the master plan, another tackling the packing, and maybe someone else bringing the style to the new space?

It’s like assembling your moving team. Define those roles, hand out the tasks, and let the moving magic happen. Easy peasy, right?

III. Have a Decomissioning Plan

Now, let’s dive into decommissioning.

It’s not just a cleanup, it’s like giving your old office a makeover back to its original vibes. We’re talking about more than just wiping the dust – it’s the whole shebang.

Picture this: saying goodbye to cables, fixtures, even those office logos. And it’s not just about clearing out stuff; it’s also fixing up any bumps and bruises, swapping out those burnt-out lightbulbs – the whole nine yards.

Now, here’s the key – your lease spills the details on what needs to be done. Follow those rules, avoid legal headaches, and keep that security deposit in your pocket.

Start making a decommissioning plan early, chat it out with your moving squad, and divvy up those tasks. It’s like setting the stage for a smooth exit – no drama, just moving vibes.

IV. Create Your Budget Plan

Let’s tackle the money talk for your move – having a ballpark figure from the start is like having a secret weapon when you chat with moving pros. Think about your must-haves, and where you can be a bit savvy to save some cash.

Now, the shopping spree – who’s in charge? Who’s swiping the company card for all the move-related buys, and how’s the bill getting settled with the vendors?

It’s like plotting out your moving budget game plan. Flexibility is key, but having a plan from day one makes the money moves smoother.

V. The Moving Coverage

So, there’s this basic coverage called released value protection – it’s like the standard package, but it’s kinda basic, covering up to 60 cents per pound. It’s like the baseline, federally required, and thrown into the moving mix.

Now, here’s the twist – your couch might be replaceable, but what about those crucial electronics that keep your business ticking?

That’s where the real value protection comes in. It gives you way more coverage. And if you want to amp it up even more, you can dive into third-party insurance.

Picking the right insurance isn’t just about protecting your stuff; it’s about keeping your business moving smoothly. So, think about what you really need, budget-wise and protection-wise. It’s like putting on a safety net for your move, making sure everything arrives in one piece.

VI. Will Everything Fit into Your New Place?

Let’s talk about bringing your office gear to the new place – that massive breakroom fridge might be a team favorite, but will it fit in the new kitchen space?

Before you spend time, money, and energy hauling things that won’t fit, grab the measurements of your big-ticket items and check if they’re a match for the new spot.

Think conference room tables, hefty tech gadgets – anything that needs its own space. You’d want your new office to be a comfy fit for all your stuff, right?

So, measure up and make sure your move doesn’t turn into a furniture Tetris challenge. It’s all about planning and avoiding surprises when you roll into the new digs.

VII: Create an Inventory

Now that you’ve sized up what fits and what needs to stay behind, it’s time for a little recording session. Jot down the VIPs making the move and those waving goodbye. Budgets can be tight, and sometimes the new office layout throws a curveball.

Having a neat inventory is like your moving cheat sheet.

It helps you tell your moving maestro exactly what’s in and what’s out. Plus, it’s your game plan for what might need a post-move upgrade.

Think of it like making a list before hitting the grocery store – it keeps things organized and avoids surprises at checkout. Easy peasy, right?

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