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The Timeless Elegance of Slate Roofing: Benefits and Considerations

Elegance of Slate Roofing

What kind of roof keeps its beauty and lasts a long time? The slate roof does. Slate does not fade or wear out quickly. It looks great and protects your home. But it costs more than other roofs and is heavy. Is it a good choice? Let’s look at the good things and things to consider about slate roofs to help decide.

  • Benefit 1: Nice Look that Lasts

Slate shingles come in natural colors from grey to red and green. Made from natural stone, the colors stay bright for many years. The look does not go out of style over time like other roofs can. It matches both old and modern home styles.

  • Consideration 1: Costs More at First

Slate costs more when it is first put on a roof. You pay more for the tiles; workers called slate roof installers to put them on correctly. But slate lasts 2 or 3 times longer than cheaper roofs before it needs replacement. So it saves money over time.

  • Benefit 2: Very Strong Against Tough Weather

Slate is a hard stone that does not break or crack easily. It stands up to hail, storms, rain, snow, and hot sun better than other roofing. Most slate has a 50-year warranty, but it often lasts 100 to 150 years! You avoid repairs other roofs need as they age. This saves money, too.

  • Consideration 2: May Need Stronger Roof Supports

Since slate is a heavy stone, the wood underneath must be stronger to hold its weight over many years. An architect should check if extra beams are needed before slate roof installers put new slates on. This prevents cracks later on. Always have the supports checked first.

  • Benefit 3: Doesn’t Rot, Mold or Get Bugs

Good slate keeps out mold, algae, bugs, and rot when put on correctly. Even in damp areas, slate stays cleaner and safer from damage caused by these problems much longer than other roof types. Homeowners save money by not having to treat mold or call exterminators regularly.

  • Consideration 3: Check the Quality Before Buying

Not all slates last the same amount of time. “Architectural Grade” slate meets higher standards for thickness, strength, and looks. It lasts longer than lower grades that may crack sooner. Always ask where it was quarried and if suppliers have quality reports. Good slate roof installers only use slate that meets quality rules.

  • Benefit 4: Needs Little Maintenance

Once on your roof, the quality slate has needed almost no maintenance for decades. It does not require sealants or coatings; other roofs need them every few years to stay waterproof and look good. Less upkeep saves money long-term. But do get occasional checkups.

  • Consideration 4: Must be Installed Correctly

Experienced slate roof installers must install it just right to get its full benefits. This includes sufficient slope, underlayment choice, ventilation, and nail placements based on the climate and manufacturer rules. Hiring amateur installers often leads to problems that make it fail early. Pay extra for pros who know slate roofs.

  • Benefit 5: Adds Home Beauty and Value

Beautiful slate makes your house stand out more than basic roofs. This catches buyers’ eyes and often adds to resale value too. A good slate also saves new owners from high replacement costs later. In about 10 years, slate usually pays back its higher first cost through better beauty, protection, and buyer appeal.

  • Consideration 5: Inspect Old Slate Roofs Before Buying a Home

When considering an older home with slate, have slate roof installers thoroughly check its condition first. They can estimate how many more years it should last, scan for damage needing repairs, and see if new underlayment is needed in some areas. Minor repairs often extend the slate’s life rather than requiring full roof replacement right away.

  • Benefit 6: Environmentally Friendly

Of roof choices, slate is among the “greenest” and most sustainable long-term. Made of natural stone, it requires no chemicals to manufacture like some products. Properly installed slate eliminates leaks, causing insulation and energy waste over decades. Unlike cheaper roofs requiring tear-off and disposal after 20-30 years, it never needs redoing. This saves landfill dumping, too.

  • Consideration 6: Regional Slate Differences

Homeowners may not think about it, but slate can perform differently depending on where it was quarried and mineral content. These affect durability for local climates, rain and sunlight resistance, texture, and color. Reputable slate roof installers source the right slate grade for each home’s specific location needs.

  • Benefit 7: Ages Gracefully Over Generations

As quality slate ages, it gains character not seen in factory-made shingles. Well-kept slate still looks stunning and dignified after 80+ years, while cheaper composites appear worn out and dated even when younger. Families can enjoy the beauty of slate passed from grandparents to grandchildren.

  • Consideration 7: Choosing the Slate Roof Installers

Getting all slate benefits long-term requires hiring experienced slate roof installers, not just the cheapest contractors. Ask to see their previous slate roof examples in person, check for proper certifications, and verify they follow manufacturer slate guidelines for your area and home style. This gives the slate the best chance of lasting generations.


Can slate roofs provide lasting beauty and protection for your most valuable asset? Yes – when quality slate is installed properly by reputable pros, it delivers great curb appeal, durability through tough weather, and higher home value for decades. The higher first investment pays off with a roof that lasts over a century. If keeping maintenance costs down long-term while enjoying enduring elegance matters most to you, consider magnificent slate roofing for generations of satisfaction.

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