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The Fascinating History of Teterboro: Tales of Growth and Transformation

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Welcome to the historical timeline of Teterboro, New Jersey. Established hundreds of years ago amidst a vibrant backdrop of development and progress, the picturesque town has long been regarded as an important hub for transportation and industry since its inception in the late 19th century. As part of our exploration into its past, we’ll look at some key moments that have helped shape it into what it is today. From aviation breakthroughs and invaluable landmarks to beautiful natural sites and bustling economic growth, there’s plenty to uncover and discover as we embark on this journey through time together!

An Overview of Teterboro

Teterboro, New Jersey, may seem like an ordinary town, but behind its humble exterior lies a rich history that dates back to the 18th century. Originally a swampy area called Boiling Springs, Teterboro was transformed into a bustling industrial hub in the early 1900s. Today, visitors can explore the town’s past at the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum, which celebrates Teterboro’s role in aviation and aerospace. From vintage aircraft to interactive exhibits, this museum is a must-see for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs. In addition, Teterboro boasts plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities, from canoeing in the Hackensack River to hiking in the scenic Overpeck County Park. Whether you’re a history lover or an outdoor adventurer, Teterboro is a hidden gem that’s well worth a visit.

The Founding of Teterboro and the Bergen County Airport

Teterboro, a small borough within Bergen County, has played a significant role in the development of aviation in the north-eastern United States. In 1917, the US government purchased 1,600 acres of land in Teterboro for the purpose of establishing the first solid-fuel rocket testing site. Later on, the property was converted into an airfield and eventually became the Bergen County Airport. The airport has become a notable historical landmark, from hosting Parisian fashion shows to serving as Frank Sinatra’s private jet hub. Today, the airport continues to support the region’s businesses and is a crucial hub for corporate and private aircraft. Despite its modest size, the borough of Teterboro has undoubtedly made a lasting impact on the aviation industry and American culture.

Early Development and Expansion of Teterboro

Teterboro, New Jersey, may be a small borough, but its early development and expansion played a significant role in shaping the aviation industry in the United States. In the 1920s, Teterboro became home to the first airport in the state of New Jersey. This airport played a crucial role in transporting people and goods during World War II and was later used by celebrities and businesspeople alike. Today, the Teterboro Airport remains an important hub for private and corporate jets, contributing to the area’s economic growth. Despite its small size, Teterboro’s impact on aviation history cannot be denied.

Important Events in Teterboro’s History

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Teterboro, New Jersey, is a small town with a rich and fascinating history. Although often overshadowed by neighbouring cities such as Hackensack and Paterson, Teterboro has played an important role in developing New Jersey over the years. From its humble beginnings as a farming community in the 19th century to its present-day status as a thriving industrial hub, Teterboro has undergone many changes and witnessed its fair share of important events. Some of the most notable include the opening of Teterboro Airport in 1919, which transformed the town and attracted aviation enthusiasts from around the country; the construction of the Garden State Parkway in the 1950s, which provided a direct link between Teterboro and the rest of New Jersey; and the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, which profoundly impacted the community and prompted an outpouring of support from across the nation. These events and many others have shaped Teterboro into the vibrant and thriving town it is today.

Key Landmarks and Attractions in Teterboro

Nestled in Bergen County, New Jersey, the small borough of Teterboro offers a wealth of cultural and recreational activities to visitors and locals alike. Yet again, Teterboro Airport is one of the most famous landmarks, an important hub for private planes and business jets. History buffs will appreciate visiting the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum, where exhibits showcase the state’s aviation pioneers and technology advancements through the years. Meanwhile, outdoor enthusiasts can explore the scenic Fourteen Mile Run, a popular park with pretty hiking trails, picnic areas, and a pond for fishing. And let’s not forget about the Teterboro Art Gallery, where stunning art installations from local and international artists adorn the walls. Whatever your interests may be, Teterboro has something for everyone to enjoy.

Recent Developments and Future Plans for Teterboro

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Teterboro has recently undergone several exciting developments. With a population of just over 60 people, the area is primarily known as a transportation hub, home to Teterboro Airport and several major highways. However, in recent years, the borough has focused on expanding its hospitality industry with the aim of attracting visitors and businesses. The Teterboro Landing project, for example, is a bustling retail centre with stores, restaurants, and entertainment options which is great for locals and out-of-towners. The future looks bright for this charming borough, with plans including constructing new hotels and developing local amenities. Teterboro’s small size and diverse range of offerings will make it a destination worth visiting in the years to come.


From its humble beginnings as an agricultural village to the bustling centre of industry and commerce, it is today, Teterboro has had a long and varied history. Throughout the centuries, it has been home to several significant events and developments that have shaped not only Bergen County but also the entire state of New Jersey. From its founding in 1763 to opening a major airport and the rise of local businesses, Teterboro has come a long way. Additionally, Teterboro’s natural beauty and historic monuments provide many exciting attractions for visitors and locals alike. As more businesses move in, new plans are being created to make Teterboro an even greater place to live and work, ensuring it is protected environmentally while taking advantage of its growing economy. With so much activity and plans for continued profitable growth, there’s no doubt that Teterboro will continue to thrive in years to come.

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