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The eco-friendly motorhome: sustainable travel tips for RVers

The eco-friendly motorhome

We’re all looking for ways to contribute to a greener future. It’s certainly never been more important to strive for environmental friendliness, with the IPCC issuing a dire “final warning” to act on climate change.

If you own a motorhome, you might be worrying about whether you can enjoy it guilt-free – but the good news is that you can take small steps to make big reductions in the impact that holidays on the road make on our planet. It just takes some change in your thinking. Alongside other potential considerations before travel like motorhome insurance and route planning, here are a few sensible and sustainable practices to bear in mind before embarking on your next journey:

Make driving more efficient

The more that you can get out of less fuel, the better, so as to reduce your vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions. One way to squeeze out more value is simply to stay on top of things like tire pressure – poor pressure makes performance worse! Another good idea is to turn off the engine rather than leave it idling where possible, to avoid burning fuel for no movement.

It’s also a basic truth that heavier vehicles need more fuel, so consider what items you can take out of your RV and leave behind. You might be surprised how much this can add up.

Use renewable energy

It’s one thing to reduce the amount of energy that you use on your travels but it’s another, better thing entirely to generate your own energy as you go! Installing solar panels or even a wind turbine on your motorhome is a great investment, harnessing the power of nature itself to keep things running inside.

Reduce waste

Sustainability is all about making the resources we use go further, so finding ways to reduce waste is invaluable. Preparation is key here – bring reusable equipment with you like plates and eco-friendly drinking bottles so that you don’t need to buy disposable plastics on the way. It’s a good idea, too, to have a compost bin inside your motorhome which you can empty in suitable public bins or upon your return home.

Conserve water

Even when we drink enough during a day (which not all of us do!), it’s easy not to notice how much water we use – but it’s vital to be aware of it, as saving water is one of the greenest things you can do. If you can install a low-flow shower head into your vehicle, then do, but it’s also worth taking small steps like diligently turning off the tap while washing hands or shaving.

Conscious camping

When it comes to settling down for the evening, think carefully about where you stop and how you behave when you’re there. It’s best to look for designated campsites rather than set up wherever you fancy, as these are managed to help preserve the impact of tourism upon the local vegetation and wildlife. The seven ‘Leave No Trace’ principles are words to live by while you’re camping, too, guiding you to keep the natural world as beautiful and healthy as it was when you found it.

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