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6 Reasons Why Renting Muscle Cars Is Better Than Ferrari Hire in Dubai

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Sports cars are all very exciting to drive. Some are better than others in different aspects. Ferraris are some of the leading sports cars available in the world. However, modern muscle cars are much improved in terms of their luxury and set of features including technology. In many ways, a muscle car like Dodge Challenger for rent in Dubai will be a much better option than a Ferrari.

Many enthusiasts have a general preference for the raw power of muscle cars. Also, modern options like the Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, or Chevy Camaro have come a long way in the comfort aspect as well. There are many distinctive reasons to rent a muscle car instead of a Ferrari in Dubai. Read through to find out more on the topic:

1: Muscle Cars Are Cheaper to Rent Than a Ferrari

Muscle cars are generally cheaper to buy than European sports cars like Ferraris. This makes them available at much cheaper rental prices as well. However, when it comes to performance and thrill, you will not find a Chevy Camaro lacking at all.

So, when you want to save money, a muscle car rental is a much better option than a Ferrari. A good muscle car like a Ford Mustang or a Chevrolet Camaro will be available for around 400-500 AED. For a decent Ferrari, you’d be paying several thousands of Dirhams in Dubai.

Save money with a muscle car and make your vacation in Dubai more exciting at the same time. You will have a fast car at a much cheaper price.

2: The Raw Power and Performance of a Muscle Car

European sports cars have a high degree of elegance and control when it comes to power delivery. On the other hand, muscle cars provide raw power production. There is that feeling of raw power when driving an American muscle car.

Also, Porsches are considered to be British muscle cars for this very reason. So, if raw power is your thing and you wish to have full control of yourself rather than technology taking over, muscle cars will be the better choice.

However, this raw power can be hard to control. So, muscle cars should be driven carefully. Experience drivers should only rent muscle cars.

3: Muscle Cars Sound Great with Their Raw Engines

The engine and exhaust sound from a Ford Mustang is music to the ears of an enthusiast. A Chevy Camaro sounds great in its own way as well. The rich full sound of a muscle car cannot be matched by a Ferrari. The European sports cars sound great in their own way as well. However, when it comes to punchy, powerful sound, muscle cars are always the best choices.

If you know how it sounds, you can tell a Mustang from a mile away. Also, different muscle cars like a Mustang, a Camaro, or a Challenger sound different. So, if you have a particular sound preference for sports car rental in Dubai, make sure to make the right choice when renting.

4: Muscle Cars Offer More Storage Space Than a Ferrari

Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger will generally be a 4-seater sports car. Also, the boot space in a muscle car is often greater than what you get with a Ferrari. Some Ferraris have a good amount of storage space. However, in general terms, Italian sports cars are limited when it comes to storage space.

Also, most Ferrari sports cars are 2-seater supercars. So, you will also not have the option to throw in those luggage bags in the back seats. When renting a sports car for a long drive or a longer trip, the storage space advantage will be great.

More storage space combined with cheaper rental prices makes muscle cars the best option in Dubai. Make the right choice for your trip preference.

5: Muscle Cars Are the Top Choice Sports Cars for Many

Many people simply prefer muscle cars over Ferraris. If that is the case with you, there is no reason to not rent your favorite muscle car. Modern Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, or Dodge Charger is always a great choice.

Whether you like muscle cars for their unique exteriors, their heavy sound profile, or their raw performance, rent one to have a great weekend. Also, muscle cars are great weekend cars to have a great time with your friends.

There are many car rental service providers in Dubai as well. Whichever trim or model preference you have for a muscle car, it will be available in the city.

6: Muscle Cars Are Much More Practical and Rugged

European sports cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis are made for performance. These cars are so much more expensive as well. This factor alone makes them feel more fragile than they are. You always want to be so very careful when on a rented Ferrari.

On the other hand, muscle cars are made in a way that they provide a rugged practical feeling. You are much more at liberty when driving in a Ford Mustang than in a Ferrari.

Also, even the slightest damage like a paint chip or a small dent will cost so much to repair on a Ferrari. Comparatively, a similar repair on a Chevy Corvette will cost only a fraction of that. Keep all these factors in mind when renting the best sports car in Dubai.

Where to Rent Muscle Cars in Dubai?

So, where to rent your muscle cars in Dubai when looking for the best deals? While there are many car rental companies in the city, Faster Rent a Car has always provided the best solutions. These guys have all of the best muscle cars available all year. In addition, price discounts and attractive deals are going around the year at different times.

Renting muscle cars is in many ways a better option than a Ferrari or any other expensive European sports car. You will get nearly the same performance at much cheaper prices. So, make sure to compare all the factors and make the right choice for your car rental in Dubai requirements.

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