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The Benefits of Koyorad Radiators

The Benefits of Koyorad Radiators

Finding the best aftermarket parts for European trucks is vital for every New Zealand or Australian truck owner. If you are shopping for a reliable radiator, then a Koyorad radiator is a great option.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of Koyorad radiators, particularly when used as Japanese truck parts.

The Koyorad Company

Koyorad is a Japanese radiators and condensers manufacturing company that has been in operation for 60 years. Their products are sold worldwide, especially in regions where Japanese and European trucks dominate the roads.

For instance, in Australia and New Zealand, the demand for aftermarket parts for trucks is high, and Koyorad radiators are renowned for their quality. Whether you drive a Hino, Isuzu, or Iveco truck, Koyorad has a comprehensive and readily available aftermarket distribution network.

Today, the company has manufacturing locations outside Japan, but the quality remains superior, regardless of region. As owners of the factories, they maintain stringent standards and checks to produce remarkable Japanese quality every time. Their commitment to making OE-equivalent quality aftermarket parts is why their radiators are famous worldwide.

Types of Koyorad Radiators

As the market leader in manufacturing radiators, Koyorad focuses on quality, performance, and how the product fits. They do not outsource their production, guaranteeing their customers a superior and reliable product at the best price.

They manufacture four kinds of aftermarket radiators that are of the highest standard and are easy to install. However, only two types offer maximum efficiency in the trucking world. These are:

1.    Aftermarket Plastic Tank/Aluminium Core Radiator

As one of the most common radiators, Koyorad mainly manufactures these in their factory in China and Indonesia. The strict Japanese design and quality standards ensure the final product is superior to meet overseas demand and needs.

2.      Aftermarket All-Aluminium Radiator

All-aluminium radiators are the ideal aftermarket parts for Japanese and European trucks. They are lightweight, do not rust easily, and are the most efficient in performance.

Benefits of Koyorad Radiators

Besides having the best fit and highest quality, there are two more key benefits of Koyorad radiators. These include:

·         Quick installation

Koyorad ensures that its high manufacturing standards produce radiators that are easy to install and in the shortest time possible.

·         Multi-fit in different truck models

Koyorad also constantly upgrades its aftermarket radiators to enable them to fit into every truck model. They ensure it fits appropriately to your condenser and fan shroud without requiring cutting or stretching.

Can One Use Any Coolant or Antifreeze on Koyorad Radiators?

No. You cannot use any coolant or antifreeze on Koyorad radiators. To ensure your Koyorad radiator lasts long-term and performs optimally, check your truck’s manual to ensure you use the exact type required.

Additionally, whenever you replace your Koyorad radiator, it is recommended you flush the cooling system and use a new coolant. Using the wrong product or not flushing the cooling system may lead to leakage, wear and tear, and rusting.


Koyorad is a world-renowned manufacturer of aftermarket truck parts, especially radiators. Besides carefully testing the product, their ISO 9001-certified plants ensure their packaging retains similar quality standards.

As a truck operator, purchasing a Koyorad radiator ensures the best quality aftermarket truck part that saves you money. Koyorad also has a vast network of distributors. Although they do not sell directly to consumers, you can easily find local retailers in your region.

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