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Sunbrella Fabric For Cushions To Impress Your Guests


Sunbrella is a popular fabric for indoor and outdoor cushions. The fabric is made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarn. The solution-dyed process involves adding colours to the fibre during manufacturing when the fibres are in the liquid state. This imparts various properties to the fabric.

The fabric has unmatched durability, can be cleaned easily and the colour does not fade when exposed to the sun. though the fabric should not be exposed to excessive heat while washing and drying. It can be easily air-dried as it is a woven fabric. When the fabric is coated with a fluorocarbon finish it becomes water resistant.

Sunbrella is considered the best fabric for outdoor performance. It is also an ideal fabric for indoors as it is soft, offers comfort and is long-lasting. The fabric is available in different weaves, textures, colours and designs. It is a high-quality fabric perfect for long use as it is durable.

One of the products where it is used is cushions. Sunbrella cushions help to create beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces.

Features of the fabric

  • The fabric can be manufactured with UV-stable pigments and this makes the fabric fade-resistant. It will look good for many years even after outdoor exposure.
  • The fabric resists the growth of mould and mildew. The dirt that deposits on the fabric can cause these to grow. Therefore the fabric must be cleaned and dirt should be brushed off. Depending on the environment you can decide how often to clean the fabric.
  • The fabric resists stains and is water-resistant. This makes it look fresh and clean for many years. The fabric can also be cleaned with gentle soap and water to remove tough stains. The fabric is also bleach cleanable and this will not affect the colour of the fabric.
  • The fabric is woven and breathable and allows air to pass through it. Therefore it dries off quickly in the air.


Different cushions

You will find Sunbrella fabric used for indoor and outdoor cushions, pillows, bench cushions, seat cushions and more. The fabric is ideal for outdoor use whether it is summer or winter season. It can help to enhance the look of your outside furniture. The fabric can offer excellent outdoor performance solutions and can be used in all seasons. The moisture will not get into the cushion but flow to the bottom of the cushion with open weaves of Sunbrella cushion.

The fabric is available in different shades like metallic sheen, recycled, jacquards, traditional and more. You can find shades, styles and patterns to match your indoor furniture. It will look new, clean and good for many years and help you impress your guests.

Maintaining the fabric

When used outdoors, Sunbrella outdoor cushions require cleaning over time. If dirt accumulates on the cushion and gets embedded in it then it can be cleaned by just brushing off. You can even wash the fabric with mild soap and lukewarm water in the washing machine. However, it should not be put into dryers as it will shrink due to excessive heat.

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