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Stereotypes that Prevent You from Buying a Quality Used Car

Stereotypes that Prevent You from Buying a Quality Used Car

When choosing a car on the secondary market, many buyers are guided by common myths and stereotypes. As a rule, these restrictions in their heads make deciding on a particular salvage vehicle a complicated task. After reading various forums or talking to friends, car enthusiasts set high standards and criteria, which significantly delay the search for a good car. And in most cases, they fail to find something that will fully suit them in all respects. That’s why we’ve decided to debunk common myths about used vehicles that may be obstacles to buying your next car.

If you want to be better informed and prepared before acquiring a salvage vehicle, make use of a reliable and free VIN decoder from ClearVin to obtain a comprehensive vehicle history report in a few seconds. In case you need even more details about MSRP, fuel efficiency, the car’s equipment, and much more, get a copy of the original window sticker by VIN that will arm you with additional car information.

Used Car Mileage as the Main Barrier to Buying a Pre-Owned Car

The key obstacle that makes it difficult to choose a car on the secondary market is its mileage. Some drivers set an upper limit of around 40,000 miles (60,000 kilometers). However, quite often, fraudulent individuals who want to set a higher price on their used vehicles may tamper with the odometer. In situations like those, it would be challenging for potential buyers to uncover the actual odometer reading without using special techniques. Therefore, modest indicators of the distance traveled are not the main selection criterion, as they cannot guarantee the impeccable technical condition of the car.

On the flip side, a vehicle with low mileage might have been stored improperly, remaining in a constant idle position. This leads to a potentially worsening technical condition. For example, long downtime and a lack of vehicle operation negatively affect the condition of paintwork, rubber seals, and metal parts. During this period, the fasteners on heat shields can rot or the muffler can rust. That’s why we recommend inspecting a used vehicle with a mechanic and always obtaining a vehicle history report from a reputable VIN data provider like ClearVin.

Number of Owners

There is a misconception that used cars with multiple owners are problematic by default. However, there is nothing surprising in the fact that a 10-year-old vehicle has changed, for example, four owners. And if they complied with the terms of scheduled maintenance and were careful in using the car, then the purchase will fully justify itself and will serve you faithfully for many years to come. So, you should be guided by the condition of the vehicle, not the number of owners in the documentation. If you’re wondering how many owners a specific used car has had, check out its VIN with ClearVin and get the information in a comprehensive vehicle history report.

Car Tuning Availability

This can be a point of contention for many car enthusiasts. Some hesitate to purchase tuned vehicles, fearing that the automobile has been pushed to its limits. However, when the modifications are not extensive, such as the use of sports tires and wheels, concerns about the power unit and gearbox are likely to be groundless.

In fact, many car upgrades can positively impact the vehicle’s performance. If the tuning was conducted by reputable specialists and the owners invested in proper maintenance, there’s generally no need to worry about non-factory options. You can reveal the additional car equipment that was installed by its previous owners by running a window sticker lookup with ClearVin.

Buying from Reputable Used Car Dealers

Some car enthusiasts purchase a used vehicle from an authorized dealership with a good reputation. However, this is not a guarantee that the car will be in perfect condition. After all, it is possible for sellers to fail to report catalytic converter cutouts or engine cylinder issues. As a result, unpleasant surprises began to appear after a few months of driving the car.

To eliminate the possibility of such events, you should perform a preliminary diagnosis and inspection of the engine chassis and other important components in the vehicle. With a VIN history report provided by ClearVin, the vehicle inspection will be smooth and easy.

The Presence of Accident Facts in the Car’s History

Some people aren’t ready to buy a car that has been in an accident, believing that it may have serious damage. However, this isn’t always the case. You should check with the previous owner about the type of damage and the quality of the repairs. Another option is to get a vehicle history report where all the relevant details are stated.

But don’t be scared of the car’s accident history. Minor damage to the bumper is unlikely to cause you any trouble in the future, and since such collisions are extremely common in urban areas, it is a real rarity to find a car with a perfect bumper structure. It’s enough to make sure the repair is done. If even minor defects have not been eliminated, it’s better to refuse to purchase, as the previous owner most likely didn’t pay due attention to the vehicle. With ClearVin, you can easily spot the car accident history and be fully prepared for the purchase.

Summing Up

Overcoming stereotypes is crucial when seeking a quality used car. By approaching the process with an open mind, doing thorough research, and relying on data and facts, buyers can break free from stereotypes and discover exceptional used cars that perfectly suit their needs. Remember, a well-informed decision can lead to hidden automotive treasures and a smooth buying experience.

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