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Selecting the Right Carpet Guide

Selecting the Right Carpet Guide

Carpets are very important part of home decoration. We understand this especially when we realize how empty our house is when we send our carpets to be washed. It is necessary to be very careful about the selection of an accessory that is so important for home decoration. Melikhan Carpet Manufacturer is a company established to support its customers with the type, texture, dimensions, and price of the carpet to be purchased in line with their needs.

Carpets are very important part of home decoration. We understand this especially when we realize how empty our house is when we send our carpets to be washed. It is necessary to be very careful about the selection of an accessory that is so important for home decoration. Melikhan Carpet Manufacturer is a company established to support its customers with the type, texture, dimensions, and price of the carpet to be purchased in line with their needs.

The issues to be considered for choosing the right carpet are as follows;

  • Regardless of the room’s size, the chosen carpet should not touch the wall. Care should be taken to leave 35-45 cm between the carpet and the wall for the selection of the ideal size carpet.
  • The sofa set will provide the most accurate guidance when determining the dimensions of the carpet to be selected for use in the living room. While choosing the appropriate size carpet, alternatives that will include all or some of the seats as stated below should be evaluated.
  • For large halls where the sofa sets are not against the wall, a carpet that will completely cover the furniture should be preferred. Of course, it is important that the carpet to be chosen appears about 15 cm after the endpoint of the furniture and does not touch the wall. That is, “Should the carpet go under the armpits?” The question can be answered according to the size of the room.
  • The size of the dining table and chair are what guides in terms of size when choosing a carpet for the dining area to be placed in the dining room or a part of the living room. The carpet to be chosen should cover the entire table and chairs. In addition, the carpet mustn’t end right where the chairs end. A carpet of approximately 30-40 cm in length should be visible from all sides of the table.
  • In the bedroom, if there is a rectangular room, small-sized carpets can be considered on both sides of the bed. In this layout, the carpets are positioned in front of the nightstands without touching the bedside table and the bed.

To summarize, when choosing carpets according to the room, the shape, size of the room, and the furniture available in the room should be considered. Melikhan Carpet has expert staff to help its customers on the subject.

Choose the Right Carpet Fiber

Although carpets make an important contribution to the overall look of the room, it would be an oversimplification to say that they are just visual elements. With the right choice of carpet, interior become more comfortable. Here, too, the texture of the carpet and how it feels when you touch it are important. Likewise, the type of material used and the type of weaving directly affect the quality, durability, and longevity of the carpet as well as its appearance, and how it should be maintained.

Let’s examine a few fibers that help achieve harmony:

  • Nylon

The most popular yarn type today, is flexible and wear-resistant. Its also resistant to the weight and movement of furniture. At the same time, nylon fiber is a material that can offer eye-catching colors. It has a structure that does not show both stains and dirt. Therefore, it is suitable for different uses in every field.

  • Polyester

With their extraordinarily soft texture and excellent color clarity, polyester carpets are easy to clean. It is resistant to water-based stains. However, its resistance against oil-based stains is weaker than polyamide. Polyester carpet fibers are resistant to staining, fading, and crushing.

  • Wool

Wool is an odorless, live natural fiber that becomes brighter and more beautiful as it is used, and is extremely resistant to abrasion. The ignition speed of wool carpets in the face of fire is lower than acrylic, polypropylene or other carpet types. It does not catch fire easily. With its high moisture content in its structure, wool reduces static electricity. For this reason, it eliminates risks.

  • Triexta

Triexta is called a synthetic carpet fiber and has several similarities with polyester. Triexta is produced from poly-trimethylene terephthalate.

  • Polypropylene

Polypropylene, an easy-to-clean fiber, is less resistant to oil-based staining than polyamide. Due to its resistance to dyeing, it has more matte colors than carpets produced from other synthetic fibers. In addition, its colors do not fade easily even in harsh conditions.

Necessary guidance will be provided if the expert staff of Melikhan Carpet is contacted for the right fiber selection.

Choose the Right Carpet Texture

As a result of experiments on humans, the texture of the items used has been shown to increase the serotonin hormone. Since each texture has its characteristics, carpet texture selection is not made after the needs are determined. Melikhan Carpet always continues to support its customers after sales as well as with its customers in choosing the right carpet in line with their needs.

  • Cut Pile:

Cut pile is among the most popular carpet styles. It gets its name from this process because the fiber loops are cut. When the fiber loops are cut, a steep pile is formed and the ends of the carpet fibers are exposed.

  • Saxony

The Saxon carpet consists of upright barbed carpet fibers and is designed with a cut loop air. The rug has enlarged woven loops and is cut to make a smooth surface. High-quality Saxon rugs are made from 100% nylon. This structure provides the carpet with a soft and soft feel.

  • Berber

Berber is a versatile carpet style. For this reason, it can easily work with many different types of decor. It was once used only for basement rooms and home offices. In addition to being relatively low cost compared to others, the biggest advantage of this type of carpet is that it is very easy to clean stains and dirt.

  • Frieze

Frieze carpet is a very popular carpet style today, characterized by long pile fibers twisted three or five times under steam and twisted long fibers. The twists are so tight that the fibers begin to curl on their own. In this way, it creates a dense texture that performs very well even under heavy use. It can be difficult to clean, but it hides dirt and footprints.

Melikhan Carpet offers its customers the most suitable carpet in line with their needs, taking in to account all carpet features.

Choose the Right Carpet Color

The colors available in the area where the carpet will be used provide a correct orientation on what color the carpet to be purchased should be. It should be noted that the color of the carpet has tones close to the wall paint or other textile products such as curtains. To give an example; If there are warm, energetic colors such as orange, yellow, and red on the walls, light pastel tones should be preferred in carpet selection. In this way, an impressive contrast can be achieved.

Customers can provide all kinds of support from Melikhan Carpet for color selection, as in every other issue regarding carpet selection. In line with the colors found in the homes of its customers, Melikhan Carpet is also ready to assist in choosing the right color.

Choose the Right Carpet Size

After choosing the right carpet color and texture, of course, the next step is to take the right carpet size. The size of the room and the size of the furniture are also important to detail for the size. The distance to be left between the carpet and the wall is 35-45 cm. However, since deciding on the carpet size is a very critical process, it is recommended to get support from the relevant Melikhan carpet company. Thanks to its expert staff, Melikhan Carpet supports its customers in measurement.

Where’s The Best Place To Buy Carpet?

When purchasing carpets, it is vital to find a company that can clearly understand the needs of people and can help with carpet selection, size, texture, color, and even the current budget. As a result, carpets are a big part of home decoration and care should be taken when choosing them. Melikhan Carpet Exporter is always ready to support its customers in all existing matters, together with all its employees. In addition, it is very important to buy from a company that can support after-sales. Melikhan Carpet continues to support its customers after sales.

Why Should I Prefer Melikhan Carpets When Buying Carpets?

As stated above, Melikhan Carpet provides full support to its customers in the purchase of carpets before the sale, as well as after-sales service in line with the needs of its customers. With its expert staff, it helps its customers to choose the right carpet so that they do not get confused. Melikhan Carpet also stands out with its after-sales support service.

What is the difference between Melikhan Carpets from other carpet manufacturers?

The biggest feature that distinguishes Melikhan Carpet from other carpet companies is that Melikhan Carpet is not sales-oriented. It has a customer-oriented working system. It provides the production with the awareness that the needs of each customer are different and the carpet to be purchased should be different according to each need. At the same time, Melikhan Carpet manages to leave other companies behind with its carpet production suitable for every budget.

Who prefers Melikhan Carpets?

Thanks to the developing technology, consumers demand a fast process. In line with these demands, Melikhan Carpet provides immediate support to its customers who are waiting for timely delivery and a quick solution for unexpected problems.

Which countries does Melikhan Carpets export to?

Melikhan Carpet has a wide customer base. In addition to Turkey, it also provides service to many different countries of the world. These countries include the USA, European countries as well as South America, African countries, Middle East and Far East countries. To explain briefly, Melikhan Carpet can provide carpet production to many countries. This is a very good example to show the advantages of being a customer-oriented company.

How Can I choose the exact product for my orders?

Melikhan Carpet always offers comprehensive services to its customers. It makes the purchasing process easier for the buyers, including the budget, in line with the customer’s clearly stating their needs. It will be sufficient to contact Melikhan Carpet to get professional support during the carpet purchasing process.

What Is The Price Range Of the Products?

The price range of quality and stylish products varies according to many different factors. Melikhan Carpet knows that every customer’s demands and budgets are different and offers a service in this direction. If the current budget and needs are communicated, Melikhan Turkish Carpet offers the most suitable price range to its customers.

How Do Melikhan Carpets Produce Carpets and Rugs?

Melikhan Carpet uses the latest technology during carpet production. It does not provide a single type of carpet production. It is carefully produced by high-featured quality machines in line with the special demands of each carpet buyer. It processes each carpet to have its characteristics, taking into account the demands of the customer by getting support from Melikhan carpet experts. In addition, due to the production of the latest technological machines, all kinds of carpets can be produced.

How Can I Order or How Can I Purchase Products from Melikhan Carpets?

Anyone who wants to buy a carpet suitable for their budget or is undecided during the carpet selection phase and needs support can contact Melikhan Halı at the e-mail address below. Melikhan Halı is always happy to be with its customers.

Contact Melikhan Carpet at the e-mail address below;


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