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Planning a Destination Wedding in Barcelona – How Should You Begin

Destination Wedding in Barcelona

Marriage is the union of souls where two people unite to live together.

And over the years, the concept of weddings has changed; it has become the meeting point of traditional values, ethos, and modern settings.

Remember what the Bible says, one who loves their spouse loves themselves.

Destination weddings are the hour’s theme, with couples opting to create a lasting memory of their marriage ceremony. It has gained importance as people now want to enjoy their honeymoon and union.

But planning to marry outside your country is hectic because multiple layers work simultaneously, from setting the venue to finding the right vendor to deliver flowers. Further, finding a catering service and musical band can take a lot of work.

People want a perfect union and prefer every aspect of the day to work according to their idea. Expectations with a destination wedding are often high, as couples wish for the best hotels and views to marry and enjoy with their family and friends.

So, have you considered why you want to have a destination wedding?

Let’s figure out some pros and cons first.

Pros of Destination Wedding

There are various reasons to consider destination weddings over traditional weddings. It can increase the marriage experience, allowing you to tie the knot in your dream place. And it saves more cost than normal weddings.

Here are some advantages –

Dream Location 

Before tying the knot with your partner, consider a dream location where you would like to exchange your vows. As marriage ceremonies leave a lasting taste on couples and people associated with them, choose your favorite place.

For example, you may choose Paris to get married in front of the Eiffel Tower, and enjoy a rainy night in the city.

With roads made of Roman tablets and enjoy the mild continental climate. Some people prefer beach weddings and experience the Caribbean and long Ibiza beaches.

If you prefer, there are the Swiss Alps, and get married amidst great chocolates and beautiful scenic beauty. And if you are a history geek, Turkey is the place to experience the feel of Antiquity.

And, if you want to have an Asian feel at your wedding, you can choose Bali or Bangkok. Even Japan offers a premium marriage experience among cherry blossoms.

So, choose your favorite, and get married. It’s that easy.

Smaller Guest List 

To plan destination weddings, you must be realistic and choose your close ones to participate in your vows. It can be tricky, but it helps you to prioritize the people you want to participate in your marriage.

One of the objectives of destination weddings is to provide intimate feelings and enjoy the moments with your loved ones. If you plan your union in Ibiza and it is not feasible for people with jobs and family to visit you.

So, it allows you to trim your guest list and opt for people who can partake in the wedding.

Cost-Effective Choice 

Destination weddings are not only fun but also they save expenses. With careful planning, you can cut costs from various places. As marriage and honeymoon are inclusive, you can put aside 3,000 to 4,000 USD.

An average wedding costs around 28,000 USD, which can be reduced to 23,000 USD if you marry outside the country.

Even hotels offer inclusive ceremony, reception, and union offers, which can bail out major wedding expenses. If you can plan properly and have the right person handling the costs, you’ll have a great marriage ceremony.

Figure out the guests, planners, flowers, catering, dress, and music.

Cons of Destination Wedding

Every coin has two sides; with an advantage, there is always a disadvantage lurking around. Similarly, there are some cons of destination weddings available out there too.

Here are a few of them

Rigorous Planning 

Planning seldom matters unless you are a rich hotshot and do not care about money.

So if you aren’t swimming in dollars, per se, you’ll need to hire a terrific planner or use every inch of your gray-and-white matter to plan everything orderly.

Effectiveness is a basic requirement when planning for a wedding because you need to set the budget and try to conduct things around it.

In a destination scene, there are high chances of irregularities.

Jacked-up prices of flowers or catering can affect your marriage. Further, it would be best to consider exchange rates and visa applications (for people looking to visit London, Brexit has brought upon your exit, look elsewhere).

The language barrier suits an American looking to tie the knot in Europe or Asia. So, consider all possible cons while planning to ensure no trouble on the day.

We are not Cupid, but we can provide one solution for flower delivery chicago same day. As it is a sacred day, every holy must start with flowers.

Try to make your wedding place like the Garden of Eden.

Some People May Miss Out

It is impossible to gain everything all at once; there are some pieces you need to leave behind.

While planning for the guest list, some of your friends might miss out and get offended. Well, your job is to keep your spouse happy, not others.

Still, the possibility of leaving your close associates is high in a destination wedding. In other cases, some logistics or financial barriers may affect people attending your wedding.

It is realistic to imagine a small wedding when the venue is a foreign city as the question of affordability and accessibility arises.

Well, that is a con. If your favorite cousin, brother, or friend could attend the ceremony, it can hinder the day’s joy.

There Are No Absolutes 

Climatic uncertainties are something that is just blatant luck. You just cannot run away or fight it.

Before choosing a city for the wedding, you must check the weather and ensure it is dry and sunny. And all the communication services are active in the state.

Besides, there can be irregularities in the hotel, which can close down certain amenities you are looking for and ruin the wedding day.

So, there are no ultimate guarantees when planning a ceremony in a foreign land. Imagine you planned a beach wedding, and on the day it rains, it ruins the whole decorations and adjustments.

And in any worst-case scenario, try to avail of travel or wedding insurance if your financial assets fail. Precautions are necessary before landing in a foreign city.

Choose your favorite wisely and the time of the year you choose to marry. You want to save money.

Problems are part of life, but they should not restrict you from making choices.

If you think of marrying the love of your life, we have a destination for you, Barcelona. The city is famous for its beaches and street parties.


The city is not all Messi and Xavi gracing. It is born out of the struggling lives of working-class people. Its history blooms from its culture and architecture, which can travel time.

Though the city is famous for its beautiful football, it has more to offer to the visitors planning to get married. It is a romantic place for couples, with a high-quality life, active nightlife, and beautiful, passionate people.

What more can you ask from a city?

Before you select the place, we will place some evidence for you know the business closely –

FC Barcelona 

The city breathes football, as it has seen a long history of world-class players gracing it. Messi to Cruyff, to the famous trio of Xavi, Iniesta, and Busquets, football is Barcelona.

So, if you are a football fan, you must choose the city. The football club plays its game in Camp Nou, which can accommodate 90,000 people.

You might visit the stadium for a premium footballing experience if your spouse is into football. You will see passionate fans with intense football knowledge supporting their players and coach.

You can visit the club’s museum to view the honors and medals won by the club. The museum consists of historical facts about the. And folklore about the legends.

So, feel free to experience the footballing life of Barcelona to increase your staying experience.


Barcelona is an architectural heritage among the other cities in Spain. If you move around the city, you will witness the old Roman buildings, and present you with the feeling of antiquity.

During medieval times, some buildings’ architecture was changed. You can witness the transition from Paganism to Christianity.

Further, the city is a hub of modern architecture. The sensuous Catalonian culture blooms out of graffiti, paintings, and buildings. The town has a Cathedral, which is the focal point of the people and their association with the place.

Today’s major buildings are the creation of wealthy industrialists and kings who earned fortunes during the medieval ages and the industrial revolution. So, If you want to experience modernism, visit DHUB Museum, Agbar Tower, and Frank Gehry’s Fish Canopy.

You can opt for a castle wedding to add history while taking vows and marrying like the old kings and queens. But that will be a little bit expensive; you’ve been warned.

Parties And Festivals 

The city can survive without fun. For cheerful people, several festivals take place to make Barcelona a party capital.

For married couples, this place is perfect. You can participate in various music festivals, make new friends, and enjoy your time.

If you are a party lover, the city offers ample space, with 72 neighborhoods conducting their local fiesta. Just spend your days in the ecstasy of music and dance.

You can experience the local music of Spain and Catalonia, which will add flavors to your wedding and honeymoon experience.

Here are some famous music festivals which you must visit –

  • La Mercè
  • La Festa Major de Gràcia
  • La Festa de Santa Eulalia

Further, the city has an active nightlife, with streets filled with people having a great time and experiencing the local flavors. You can stay up the whole night and won’t find yourself alone in the dead of night.


How can we forget the beaches? They are the fundamental attraction of the city. Long beaches on Spain’s coast can be a perfect spot if you plan for a beach wedding.

You will be shocked to know that in 1980 there was no beach in Barcelona. At that time, the waterfront consisted of train lines, ports, and warehouses.

But now, the people boast about a 4 KM long beach, which has space for many cafes and hotels for visitors and locals to experience Catalonia.

There are some seafood restaurants, so if you are considering a catering service, you can refer to any place.

Barcelona is famous for its food. Name any seafood people have on their menu. You can find the local flavors along with popular Spanish dishes. The residents are particular about their food and recipes.

It has a place for foreign cuisine, with people from around the world residing in the neighborhoods.

So, if you choose the city, dive into the local cuisine.

Quality Of Life 

Just type on Google, and you will find how people rate Barcelona. Most people worldwide are really into the city.

At every corner, you will find the quality of life is why they want to escape to the city. The people of Catalonia live a high-quality life and manage to balance work and leisure.

They use their free time usefully and look to enjoy life to the fullest. It has ample space for free thinkers to express themselves amidst the city lights.

From music festivals to the good life, it has everything to offer if you want to marry.

Let’s End It On A High!

In the end, we can assure you Barcelona is a great place to get married, with brilliant castles, sea beaches, and great life. It is the place to call your close associates and tie the knot.

You can opt for castles or beach weddings.

Further, you will find some hotels offer inclusive offers for marriage and honeymoon. So, dig deep and start your planning. See you later, folks!

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