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Ok, Let’s Go! Your Guide on Moving to Oklahoma

Your Guide on Moving to Oklahoma

Oklahoma is known as the “Sooner State” and has a unique and interesting history. This beautiful state borders Texas and has 11,611 miles of shoreline!

If you’re thinking about moving to Oklahoma, there are some important things you should know.

Read on to discover some key facts about this wonderful state before you make your move.

The Oklahoma Real Estate Market

The cost of living in Oklahoma is fairly affordable, and so is the real estate market. Homes in this state are about half of the median home price in the United States, making homeownership more attainable for many individuals and families.

Oklahoma is also one of the top 10 lowest states for rental costs. From stately mansions to mobile homes, living here is extremely affordable overall. Food, utilities, and transportation are also below the national average here.

Moving to Oklahoma: Weather

Oklahoma weather typically includes all four seasons, but winters are fairly mild and usually stick around close to the mid-40s. Snow is rare, and warmer spring temperatures usually arrive in March. It is important to note that parts of Oklahoma are considered part of “tornado alley.”

However, the summers in Oklahoma can be quite hot and dry, which is something to consider if you’re not a fan of the heat. Around September, the cooler fall temperatures arrive along with lower humidity and beautiful changing leaves.

Things to Do in Oklahoma

Sports are a big part of Oklahoma culture, and many residents love to check out basketball or catch a University of Oklahoma Sooners football game. There’s also plenty of art and fun things to do like the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa or the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

If you love the great outdoors, moving to Oklahoma offers lots of wonderful opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature. Visit Beavers Bend State Park or Natual Falls State Park for some exploring. If you love the water, check out Grand Lake or Lake Texoma for a day of fishing or relaxing on the sandy shore.

Job Market

Before you decide on where to live in Oklahoma, it’s always a good idea to research the local job market. The state ranks in the top one-third of all U.S. states with the lowest unemployment rates. There are lots of big employers here including the U.S. Department of Defense and several others.

Oklahoma has a thriving energy sector, so employers like NGL Energy Partners, Oneok, and Chesapeake Energy have headquarters here. Of course, the Oklahoma State University system is also one of the state’s biggest employers as well.

Discover Your New Favorite State

From a low cost of living and plenty of nature to a thriving job market, moving to Oklahoma is a smart option for lots of Americans. If you’re thinking about relocating to the Sooner State, remember these facts to help you decide whether it’s the right place for you.

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