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Jordan F1 Driving Experience with WonderDays

Jordan F1 Driving Experience

For adrenaline junkies and motorsport enthusiasts, it doesn’t get much better than the Jordan F1 Driving Experience with WonderDays. This full-throttle journey is an extraordinary opportunity for those who’ve dreamed of sitting behind the wheel of an F1 car, feeling the roar of the engine and the grip of the tyres against the tarmac. While it’s not a one-size-fits-all day out, for the right individual, it’s an unparalleled escapade.

Jordan F1 Track Day

The experience centres around the Jordan F1 Track Day, a pivotal part of the Jordan F1 Driving Experience. Without a shadow of a doubt, this isn’t your typical Sunday drive. Forget everything you think you know about go-karting or amateur track days. This is professional gear, professional guidance, and a professional track—everything you need to live out your F1 fantasy.

30-Minute Introductory Briefing

Before you’re let loose on the track, you’ll be given a comprehensive 30-minute introductory briefing. This session is vital for understanding how to handle the car safely and make the most of your time on the track. Think of it as your condensed version of racing school, where you’ll acquire the fundamentals of driving dynamics, safety procedures, and tips on how to extract maximum performance from your laps.

4 x Driver Training Demo

Post-briefing, you’re straight into a series of four driver training demonstrations. These mini-lessons are your boot camp for the day, preparing you for the sensations and manoeuvres you’re about to undertake as part of this driving experience. The guidance provided is clear, concise, and geared towards making you a more proficient driver on the track.

20 x Reflex Training & Throttle Control Exercise Laps

The next step involves 20 reflex training and throttle control exercise laps. This portion of the experience is specifically designed to hone your skills in real-time driving conditions. If you thought you knew how to handle a car, this segment will either confirm your self-belief or bring you back to earth. It’s one thing to be quick, but another to control a machine that’s capable of breathtaking speed and agility.

4 x Sighting Laps around Circuit 112

Sighting laps give you the lay of the land. Four laps around Circuit 112 will give you a sense of the track’s character—its curves, straights, and undulations. And to give you a taste of the speed, one of these laps will be a high-speed passenger lap, demonstrating just what the Jordan F1 can do.

10 x Driving Laps in the F1000 Single Seater or Ariel Atom

Now it’s time for you to take the wheel. You’ll get ten laps in either the F1000 single-seater or the Ariel Atom, both offering an exquisite balance of speed and control. A training coach will be with you during this time in a pace car to provide you with real-time guidance and advice on how to improve your performance lap by lap.

B-17 Bomber Circuit

The experience then shifts gears as you take on the B-17 Bomber Circuit. Much like Circuit 112, you’ll get four sighting laps, including a high-speed passenger lap. Then you’ll tackle ten driving laps on this fast circuit layout in the Jordan F1 car, which includes five introductory pace car laps.

Free Media Pack

As a cherry on top, the day concludes with a free media pack. This is your keepsake, a way to relive the experience and perhaps even share it with your friends and family. It usually contains photos and sometimes even video footage, capturing the highlights of your day.

Exchangeable Experience Gift

And if you can’t make it for any reason, worry not! You can switch out the experience for another one that WonderDays has to offer because it is exchangeable.

When and Validity

This isn’t an experience you can simply walk in and enjoy. It’s exclusive and available only from Monday to Sunday on selected dates. When it comes to the voucher, it has a 12-month validity period from the date of issue. So you’ll need to book and complete your experience before the expiry date.

Whether you’re an avid F1 fan or simply in search of a unique adventure, the Jordan F1 Driving Experience with WonderDays promises a day that’s as close as most of us will ever get to being an F1 driver. Between the advanced training, the range of cars, and the high-speed laps, it’s an experience that aims to leave you spellbound. Just make sure to book well in advance and keep an eye on the sky!

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