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How to Wash and Care for Lingerie and Shapewear

How to Wash and Care for Lingerie and Shapewear

Do you own high-quality and delicate lingerie or any other types of undergarments such as bras, panties, legwear, or shapewear and you are always on the fence about when it comes to lingerie laundry?

Basic knowledge of proper lingerie care of your underwear is essential for your protection, comfort, and confidence. Like they say, clothes are your second skin, not to mention the delicates.

All types of lingerie must be treated gently and delicately while washed either by hand or on a gentle washer cycle, and while drying.

We at Empress Mimi will be happy to assist you by providing you with some useful tips.

What You’ll Need

The method you choose to machine wash or handwash your delicates will determine the longevity and elasticity of your lingerie. Nobody wants to splurge every single month on expensive items. So, instead of wasting money on poor underwear care, take notes on what you will need.

Below you can find a concise guide to boost your washing routine:

  • Never use hot water. Lukewarm or cold water will suit your delicates better.
  • Alcohol-free detergents are the best. Plus, say no to harsh detergents.
  • Invest in a rag for air drying.
  • Never ignore care tags. They will aid you through the washing process.
  • Always wash your delicate underwear gently.

Instructions: How to Wash Panties

Sort by Type of Fabric

Always sort your panties and shapewear by the fabric type and the delicacy level. It is a must to separate silk or nylon from cotton. Also, make sure to color-arrange your delicate underwear.

Decide on Hand Washing or Machine Washing

If your panties are made from sheer fabrics or have some embellishments, then consider having them hand-washed.

Handwashing is safer yet requires specific instructions. Follow these steps:

  1. Sort the lingerie as described earlier.
  2. Add 2 cups of a delicate detergent to lukewarm or cold water. Distribute the detergent evenly by stirring the water.
  3. Soak lingerie for around 30 minutes.
  4. Rinse your lingerie through running water until the water gets crystal clear.
  5. Press the water out with your hands or do it with a towel.

For cotton, silk, nylon, or lace panties, put them in a mesh delicate bag and choose a machine-washing type. It will not cause any tangling, snagging, or stretching. Trust us, it will be a great investment.

Apart from that, there are a few more details to keep in mind:

  1. Always fasten bands and clasps.
  2. Delicate cycle is a must.
  3. Lukewarm water works best for the washing machine cycle.
  4. Change the dryer for the air-drying.

Pretreat Stains

Any stains can be tricky to deal with, so try to use delicate methods. Stains from lotions, self-tanners or body oils, make-up, or even medicine should be pre-treated before washing your underwear. Put a gentle detergent on a stain, leave it for about 15 minutes and scrub with a soft-bristle brush. No brush, no worries, you can rub the fabric together at the location of the stain.

Dealing with blood stains? Then use the described method together with cold water, it should do the trick.

Use the Correct Water Temperature, Cycle, and Detergent

Cold to warm water temperature, delicate cycle, a gentle detergent will work together with a washer on your synthetic fabrics.

Tip: a mesh delicate bag removes the risk of your delicate pieces getting stretched, twisted, or snagged during a vigorous motion of a machine cycle.

Skip the Dryer

A dryer is a fast and effective way to get your clean clothes ready to wear. Do not be in a rush with your underwear. Air-drying on a rack is best in preventing shrinkage or damage and in keeping the elastic elements flexible. But you can be inventive with automatic dryers, and choose the lowest heat settings not to overdry the fabrics.

Advice: do not iron your delicate underwear. To remove wrinkles, opt for a steamer.

Instructions: How to Wash A Bra

Sort Bras by Type

Bras are different, not only in color but in type. Note that each of them should be washed differently. Hand-wash sheer lacy, embellished, and gel-padded bras.

As for synthetic or wireless cotton bras, and sports ones, get them machine washed in a mesh delicates bag.

Hand-Wash Delicate and Underwire Bras

Owners of underwire bras must be aware they are rather delicate and should be hand-washed. Wash them in tepid water with half a teaspoon of a mild, gentle detergent. Be gentle, do not wring!


Rinse until the water is clear and squeeze the excess water. Always reshape the bra cups. Then you can air-dry your underwear. If you are in a rush and want to speed up the drying process, consider rolling the bra in a microfiber towel to get rid of the excess water.

Machine-Wash Other Bras

You can clean the other types of bras in a washing machine. To make it easier for you, hook the bras together to prevent snagging. Those with pads must be washed separately. Having arranged everything properly, put the bras and the pads in a mesh lingerie bag, zip it, and put it in the washer.

Choose either a delicate or gentle cycle, cold water, and mild detergent.

It is possible to wash these bras with lightweight and synthetic fabrics.

When the cycle is complete, remove the underwear from the bag, reshape the cups, and air-dry. Reinsert the pads when everything is completely dry.


It may come as a surprise, but taking care of bras and knowing how to wash lingerie is time-consuming in comparison to the rest of the clothes. But it is obvious why. We wear the same undergarments more frequently than dresses, T-shirts, or trousers. Moreover, your lingerie is in closer contact with your skin. So, first thing first, washing your delicates often and ensuring that they are durable is paramount for your health.

Keep in mind that even with the best care possible, your lingerie will not serve you forever. To refresh and expand your wardrobe with lingerie that will make you feel like a true Empress, consider checking our collection: https://www.empressmimi.com/collections/lingerie


Can I wash lingerie with other clothes?

In short, yes. But be careful with cotton fabrics and any other ones which may stretch. When washing in the washing machine, put the lingerie with items that can be washed in cool water with gentle detergent and a delicate cycle.

Can I use regular detergent for lingerie?

Invest in a gentle detergent suited for the delicate items. It will be best for your bras and underwear items. Do not go with regular detergents because they will hasten the breakdown in the delicate fabrics.

How do I wash my shapewear?

Shapewear is no different than any other lingerie. There is a set of rules which you would be wise to follow. Remember, hot water is a hard “no” because it will only damage your shapewear. Next, instead of bleachers or fabric softeners, use mild detergents. Be gentle, and avoid any scrubs so as not to damage elasticity. You can wash your shapewear in the washing machine, just make sure to follow the instructions. Choose air-drying for the sake of elasticity as well. Dryers are not shapewear-friendly.

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