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How to Understand When Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

How to Understand When Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance

Garage doors have a purpose beyond only providing access to and from a home. For many households, a garage door offers security and defense against external dangers including robbery and severe weather conditions. As one of the biggest moving things on a house, it’s crucial to keep up with maintenance and see a professional if any of the warning signs listed below appear.

If you have noticed that there is something wrong with your garage door and are not sure why it isn’t working correctly, it is perfectly reasonable to order overhead garage door repair services from companies like Fix Garage Doors CA. Keep reading to find out more about some of the signs that your garage door requires repair.

Noise During Operation

The first and probably most noticeable sign of garage door malfunction is the loud noise that you hear when using it. Although some noise is expected when your garage door opens and closes, it should happen regularly and smoothly. You most likely need to get it fixed if you hear any strange sounds that are more forceful and twisting.

Your door may be making a strange noise for one of two reasons: either there is a problem with its motor or the springs need to be repaired. The motor may occasionally sustain damage. In this situation, a specialist could either make a little tweak or completely replace the motor. Despite the cost of changing the garage door motor, it is a great chance to replace it with a smoother and quieter one.

Issues with Opening or Closing

The door clearly requires repair when it stops working properly, such as when it doesn’t respond to controls on a continuous basis or glides up and down unevenly instead of smoothly as it should. In an ideal situation, the door should respond to its control in less than one second. Once pressed, the button shouldn’t be resisting.

Despite the fact that a garage door may tremble a little bit as it opens and closes, excessive trembling might indicate a problem. The instability may be caused by loose hinges and screws, rusted or damaged tracks, broken rollers, and other issues. Whatever the cause, a weak garage door has to be fixed right away to prevent more catastrophic damage.

If it shows any sluggishness, shaking, or resistance, this might indicate a problem with the wiring, a circuit connection, or the door itself. Whether the door has trouble opening or shutting, see if something is in the way or, better yet, seek the advice of a qualified specialist.

Parts that Show Damage

How to Understand When Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance 2

This issue is not as obvious as the previous ones, since it’s easy to overlook – damaged parts are sometimes only noticeable during a thorough inspection. However, each component that makes up a garage door is essential to its proper performance. As a result, doing routine maintenance can help it last longer and save you money by preventing the need for a costly replacement.

Check the weather stripping at the bottom of the door for damage. To guarantee smooth functioning, inspect the rollers for wear, chipping, or other damage. Make sure to replace or fix any loose screws, cables, or bolts that you notice since they may indicate a more serious issue. If required, you may contact a specialist to check the construction for damaged or worn-out components.

Higher Energy Bills

Although it may sound as if it’s a completely unrelated problem, your garage door has a great influence on how much energy your household uses. After all, it is probably the biggest piece of moving equipment in your house.

If it’s not operating correctly, the door won’t seal properly when closed. The interior temperature of your home can be considerably impacted by the outside temperature through the gaps left in the construction, greatly increasing your expense.

Make sure to maintain your garage system regularly or get a new one if you noticed such an issue. Homeowners can reduce their energy costs thanks to the energy efficiency of modern garage doors.


Even though your garage door is one of your house’s most durable appliances, nothing lasts forever. It wears out and may need servicing or maintenance, much like other machinery. Knowing the possible signs of malfunctioning or maintenance issues can help you determine when it’s time to order repairs or replace the appliance.

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