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How to Invest in Real Estate for Beginners Using The BRRRR Method

How to Invest in Real Estate for Beginners Using The BRRRR Method

Once you have the necessary knowledge, it can serve as a consistent and lucrative method of investing in real estate. But not everyone will enjoy BRRRR. There are hazards involved, as well as benefits. Let’s examine this method’s operation and determine its suitability for you.

The BRRRR Method: What Is It?

A residential property investment approach known as the BRRRR technique (Buy, Rehab, Rental, Refinance, Repeat) concentrates on rehabilitating, repairing, and renting out homes. The BRRRR technique places more emphasis on renting than selling a home for a rapid profit, in contrast to house flipping. The equity within the property is then used to fund a subsequent investment.

The BRRRR Method: How Does It Work?

BRRRR Process (Buy, Rehab, Renting, Refinance, Repeat)

For this method to be successful, each of its four components must be carried out carefully before being repeated. Let’s discuss how to invest in real estate and the way every of these components operate.


The focus of this strategy is purchasing a distressed asset. These properties are frequently in need of repair and have frequently been foreclosed upon or repossessed. It might be challenging to secure financing for one of these homes. If the house is assessed to be in habitable condition, you won’t be able to obtain a traditional mortgage. You might need to be willing to put down 30% or more if it’s in excellent condition.

You might attempt refinancing your primary house in order to take cash out in addition to making a cash buy. To make it work, you’ll have sufficient equity in your house. Most mortgage lenders demand that you maintain an aggregate of twenty percent of the equity in your house.

You must estimate the cost of repairs and the property’s after-repair value (ARV) before making an offer on it. Even if you won’t be flipping it, knowing the ARV will help you plan your expenditures. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t spend in excess of seventy percent of the ARV of a property. Keep in mind that you’ll also need money for repairs.


It’s time to start renovating the home after you’ve purchased it. You must evaluate the work’s breadth in its entirety. Before beginning, you must respond to the following queries:

  • Can a person live there?
  • Does the house need to be code-compliant?
  • Do the repairs yourself or do you plan to pay someone?
  • How much can you spend?
  • What is the schedule?
  • What fixes are possible that would actually raise the value of the house?

You can order the tasks based on your responses to these questions. While you may require the services of an electrician to repair the breaker box, you can do it yourself when it comes to installing new kitchen equipment and flooring.

Keep in mind that investing in this property is the long-term goal. But before you can start receiving paid, you must finish the renovation and locate tenants.

How to Invest in Real Estate for Beginners Using The BRRRR Method 2


It might be challenging to find long-term tenants, so it’s critical to understand the rental market in the area of your investment property (Publication 550 (2022), Investment Income and Expenses | Internal Revenue Service (irs.gov)) or properties. What is the region’s mean annual income? Which large employers are in the area? Is there a college in the area? Asking yourself any of these is a good idea.

You will gain from screening potential tenants for:

  • Credit ratings
  • Employment background
  • Criminal history

You must also decide on the renting cost. Rent must at least match the cost of the mortgage and upkeep expenses if you have a loan on the property. You must also choose whether you want to take direct control of the property management or employ a property manager.

You could feel competent to handle it alone for a single house. But a lot of properties might be challenging. A smart property manager will keep your renters satisfied, your rental properties occupied, and maintained, even if they reduce your earnings.


You may use a loan against your home’s equity or cash-out refinancing to take advantage of the capital you have in the property once you have successfully renovated it and decide to lease it out. In return for making loan payments, either of these options will offer you the value of your home equity as a lump amount.

You may borrow up to 90% of the equity in your property using a home equity loan. Click here to read more about home equity. It is 80% when refinancing with a cash-out. Say you had a $300,000 property.

You may withdraw $270,000 with a home equity loan and $240,000 with a cash-out refinancing. The home equity credit would probably have a higher interest rate, which explains the difference.

It can make sense to hold off until interest rates decrease depending on the state of the market.


You can continue the procedure after you have the equity in your property in your possession. Just keep in mind that your next purchase ought to be wise. Your present home is being utilized as security for a mortgage that is secured for your upcoming renovation.

The BRRRR Method Is For Whom?

Not every user of the BRRRR technique will be prosperous. The ideal applicants are those with real estate, remodeling, and property management expertise. Since bad tenants and incorrectly estimated renovation expenditures can severely cut into your revenues. To buy and renovate the home, you must have the necessary funds.

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