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How to Choose Laminate Flooring: 5 Useful Tips

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Laminate flooring, one of the most popular parts of home decoration, is preferred by many people for its natural and stylish appearance as well as its durable structure. If you make a good flooring choice, you can make your home look much more stylish. So what is laminate flooring and how to choose it?

What is laminate flooring?

One of the most popular interior planking surfaces, laminate flooring is a type of flat and hard panel, usually made of wood or laminate material. It is most commonly used for decorating interior spaces such as homes or offices.

How to choose laminate flooring?

Choosing a good laminate flooring is very important for a decent home decoration. By choosing the right model, you can make more efficient use of your budget and avoid unnecessary costs. We recommend that you consider the following factors when deciding on laminate flooring.

Consider the quality of the laminate flooring

The first thing you should look for when choosing laminate flooring is quality. The quality of a laminate floor is determined by the quality of the materials and the workmanship. The best way to tell if a laminate floor is of good quality is to check if it has international quality standard certificates. For example, all laminate flooring models from AGT, one of the world’s leading parquet manufacturers, have the most important international certificates to prove their production quality, durability and high hygienic standards.

Make sure that laminate flooring colors and patterns are compatible with home decoration

Harmony of colors and patterns is very important in interior design. If your laminate flooring is in full harmony with all elements of the interior, from MDF wall panels to decorative items, it will bring a more elegant appearance to your home.

Choose durable laminate floorings

Multi-layered and durable, laminate flooring promises years of enjoyment. Make sure the flooring you choose is resistant to external factors such as water, UV rays, puncture damage and scratches.

Pay attention to quick and easy assembly features

Using flooring with quick and easy installation features in home decoration saves you time and money. Fast and easy-to-install laminate flooring offers a more flawless look by reducing the risk of errors.

Make sure it is compatible with skirting boards

Skirting boards, which protect the walls from possible knocks, are also the most important and striking complement to laminate flooring from a decorative point of view. Therefore, when choosing laminate flooring, pay special attention to the matching of the skirting boards.

Cleaning and maintenance features

Choosing a laminate floor that is easy to clean will help you create a much more hygienic living space. In addition, flooring that is easy to maintain can also have a longer lifespan.

Add Innovation to Your Home with AGT laminate flooring

AGT, one of the world’s most prominent flooring manufacturers, brings elegance to your home with its range of laminate flooring models that are compatible with any decor and are produced with innovative technologies.

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