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How Online Running Can Help Your Health

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Running outdoors is getting problematic these days. The polluted air, traffic filled roads, and the sheer numbers of people running along the one good track near you, all of them make outdoor running a tedious process. But every problem has a solution, and in this case, it is called online running. This new phenomenon is taking runners across the world by a storm and they are getting addicted to it too. Made possible with the app called Vingo, running got a whole lot interesting these days.

Running is a Good Cardio Exercise

Before we get into how the app works, let’s see the benefits of running first. Running is a good cardio exercise that strengthens our lungs, and builds our stamina. People practising running regularly have become healthier than the people practising any other form of exercise. It tones our body evenly and shapes our muscles to good form. This is why many doctors recommend running, and also jogging for people who have lung related issues. Slow but steady running has shown positive results in people. If you have been wondering how and where to start your fitness program, then consider this your sign to take up running. And, if you are worried that you can’t run around your neighbourhood, or even get a chance on the treadmill in your gym, then we give you the best solution.

Burn Extra Fat & Reduce Weight

Use the Vingo app for indoor running and transform your treadmill time into an online adventure. The app is a virtual reality platform which combines social media with exercise. You can get into the virtual world with a click of a button and join the thousands of people running in its various terrains. There are numerous virtual maps all designed from real locations around the world. Select your favourite location and run into them. But first, you need to connect your treadmill with the app. Install the app on your smart phone and connect your treadmill to the app via Bluetooth. The app will then monitor your speed, and pace automatically. With this data, it will start projecting the sceneries on the screen.

Run in the Virtual Arena

The various locations in the virtual world are shared by a lot of people around the world. You can interact with all of them using the Voice chat feature. If you are an introvert who wants a peaceful run every morning, you can hit the mute button and enjoy a quiet run. Use the avatars feature to customise the way you look in the virtual world. Go on adventurous trails, uncharted roads, and set milestones for people to follow.

Use the Vingo App for Extra Benefits

The online running app has a lot more features packed inside it. You can explore them all by installing it and creating your account inside it. As an added benefit, you can create up to 8 profiles using your account and share them with your friends and family. So, switch to the upgraded biking app now.

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