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Cross Chain Necklaces: The Hottest Jewelry Trend

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Cross chain necklaces are taking the jewelry world by storm! These versatile necklaces feature two or more chains layered together in different lengths, creating a trendy multi-chain look. Cross chains allow you to mix up metals, chain styles, and pendants for a truly customizable piece. Keep reading to learn all about the cross-chain necklace trend and why it will be huge!

What is a Cross Chain Necklace?

A cross chain necklace consists of two or more necklace chains in varying lengths that crossover each other. The chains are typically different metals, sizes, or styles. For example, you might combine a thick gold chain with a delicate silver chain. Adding a pendant to just one chain or several pendants on the various chains is also common. The layered look is the key aesthetic element that defines cross chain necklaces.

The Origins of Cross Chain Necklaces

Cross chain necklaces first emerged in the 1980s but have seen a major revival in recent years. The layered look reminds jewelry lovers of past iconic trends. Cross chains also allow for personalization and creativity in styling. Their versatility and ability to make a statement have made cross chain necklaces a staple jewelry piece.

Why Cross Chains Will Be Huge

Cross chain necklaces perfectly align with major jewelry trends. Stackable, layerable jewelry continues to grow in popularity. The mixed metal trend also shows no signs of slowing down. Cross chains effortlessly combine these elements in a chic, on-trend style. The personalized nature of cross chains also appeals to younger buyers looking for jewelry that expresses their individuality. With major retailers and designers featuring cross chain designs, this trend shows no signs of fading.

Styling Tips for Cross Chain Necklaces

One of the best aspects of cross chain necklaces is their versatility! Here are some tips for styling these statement necklaces:

  • Layer with other dainty necklaces like initial or paperclip chains. Mixing metals like silver, rose gold, and yellow gold adds visual interest.
  • Add charms or pendants to some or all of the chains. You can also wear them without pendants for a simpler look.
  • Adjust the chain lengths to create different crossover points and dimensions. Wear one higher, one lower, one super long, etc.
  • Pair with simple tops and dresses to let the necklace stand out. V-necks and strapless tops showcase cross chains perfectly.
  • Stack them with other necklaces! Try layering a cross chain over a coin necklace or choker. Mixing metals and chains is on trend.
  • For a night out, add some drama by wearing a statement cross chain over your little black dress.
  • For everyday wear, throw on a cross chain over your favorite T-shirt or blouse to instantly elevate the look.

The Best Cross Chain Necklaces

Looking to hop on the cross-chain trend? Here are some of the hottest styles:

  • Mixed metal designs that combine silver, gold, and rose gold for a luxe layered look.
  • Chains with different textures like cable chain, box chain, snake chain, etc.
  • Branded cross chain styles featuring pendants or charms from designers.
  • Chains with gemstone accents like pearls, crystals, or turquoise stones.
  • Simple 14k gold or sterling silver cross chains with minimal embellishment.
  • Chains with initial or nameplate pendants for a personalized touch.
  • Oversize chunky chains for those who like a bold, standout look.

In conclusion, Cross chain necklaces at Gabriel & Co. let you express your personal style. Layer them, mix metals, add charms – the styling possibilities are endless! This versatile trend is set to be huge. Add a cross chain to your jewelry box and stay on top of the hottest necklace trend yet!

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