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How Electric Car Sharing Can Save the Planet

Electric Car Sharing

The accelerated pace of the climate crisis has been pushing for more sustainable and creative solutions for our modern needs. Cutting emissions and reducing carbon footprint became a top priority for any individual or company that cares about the future of our planet.

Transportation is one of the most polluting activities in our daily lives that can’t be avoided. About 29% of greenhouse emissions in the United States come from transportation.

Still, there are greener ways to get around the city without burning excessive fossil fuels. Sharing all-electric cars is one of them, particularly for those living in big cities or far away from work. Learn more about it in this article below.


There are many ways to get around LA and other big cities without being cramped in public transport or driving a car all by yourself. Bikes, electric scooters, and car sharing are some of the most popular options. Those who prefer to travel more comfortably opt for car sharing or carpooling.

The concept of ride-sharing isn’t new, and it’s environmentally friendly from the beginning. Now, it has become even greener with the possibility of electric car sharing. Such services are gaining space among Angelenos and organizing convenient ride-sharing across the city.

The United States consists of about 19% of all the vehicles in the world, which means that almost everybody in the country has a car. Indeed, car sales do nothing but rise worldwide: 66.7 million vehicles were sold last year, representing an increase compared to the previous year. This upward trend is expected to last until 2023 at least.

Still, carpooling is also rising tremendously in popularity. In only 10 years, the number of carpooling programs worldwide skyrocketed from 7.67 million in 2015 to 23.16 million in 2020, and it’s expected to reach 44.98 million by 2025.

Rocks on the Road

Electric vehicles (EVs) have the potential to reduce the impacts of transportation. Yet, EVs alone won’t be enough. It’s also necessary to think about the sustainable growth of urban areas. Cities keep expanding over greenfield areas and agricultural lands, meaning longer commutes for everyone moving around the city.

Replacing fossil fuels with greener options is urgent. Meanwhile, greener cities with safe cycling and walking options are also necessary. Moreover, it’s necessary to invest in an effective public transportation system.

Benefits of Car Sharing

There are many benefits to car sharing. More people are considering mobility as a service, making ownership less appealing. Car sharing is the way forward for those who just want to get around town but don’t want the headaches of owning a vehicle. Here are some key benefits of this mode of transportation.

Fewer Traffic Jams and Pollution

Fewer cars on the streets mean better traffic conditions and fewer jams. Traffic jams are more damaging to the environment. Gas emissions are more concentrated and higher than usual since these cars are stopped.

Fewer cars on the streets mean less pollution and cleaner air. Poor air quality is one of the leading causes of respiratory diseases in urban areas. So, car sharing also contributes to the overall health conditions in the city.

Better Roads

A reduced fleet also reduces the deterioration of the roads, requiring less maintenance. Road maintenance also causes traffic jams, so it’s really a snowball effect. The tax money saved on road maintenance can be invested in other areas.

Making New Friends

You can share the ride with friends and coworkers or make new friends heading in the same direction. Making friends doesn’t really save the environment, but it’s undoubtedly a beneficial side effect of taking a more collective approach to transportation.

EV Charging Integration

Another major advantage of car sharing platforms is the growing integration of electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging stations. As the world shifts towards more sustainable transportation solutions, car sharing platforms are increasingly offering electric cars as an option for users. This not only reduces carbon emissions but also promotes the infrastructure for EV charging stations. These stations, in turn, make it convenient for users to charge shared vehicles, fostering a cycle of eco-friendly travel. Furthermore, as more people experience driving an electric vehicle through car-sharing, it may also accelerate the adoption of EVs in personal transportation, making our cities greener and cleaner.


The urgent challenge posed by the climate crisis demands innovative and sustainable solutions in every facet of our lives, especially in transportation. As delineated in this article, the future of urban mobility hinges not only on the vehicles we drive but how we drive them. From the sweeping popularity of carpooling to the integration of electric vehicles in car sharing platforms, the trajectory is clear: collective, electric, and sustainable is the way forward. While challenges persist, particularly in accommodating the sustainable growth of urban sprawl, the tangible benefits of adopting these greener modes of transportation are undeniable. The rise of car sharing, complemented by EV integration, not only offers a pragmatic solution to traffic jams and road deterioration but also contributes significantly to the greater vision of a cleaner, healthier urban environment. In essence, embracing these shifts in our transportation habits not only ensures a lesser carbon footprint but also paves the way for more socially connected and environmentally-conscious cities of the future.

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