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How do I start my career as an illustrator?

How do I start my career as an illustrator

Communicating ideas and opinions through art have always received wide attention from around the world. Even in the digital world, illustrations have never gone out of style due to the value they add to each written work. The creative industry is thriving and illustrators are more in demand these days than before.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration can help fine-tune your creative skills and use them to land a lucrative career in various industries. Becoming an illustrator with personal style and interests will enhance your work and fetch a name for yourself in the art and creative industries.

Starting your career as an illustrator requires you to complete several steps so that you can stand out in a competitive sector. Here are a few tips to get you started on your journey to becoming an illustrator.

Earn a degree

Getting relevant education is the first step to building a career in illustration. Enrol in undergraduate degree programs in illustration, graphic designing, or something related to refine your skills and acquire new ones. This will also provide you with lots of hands-on training in several niches relevant to illustration. A fine arts degree or diploma is what employers look for while recruiting candidates.

Develop a personal style

Illustration offers you possibilities in different fields within the art and creative industry. So, it is important that you experiment and identify your areas of strength before proceeding to start your career. You can focus on book illustrations, cartoons, newspapers, fine arts, or even greeting cards. But make sure that you have a solid point of view on what you want to work on.

Build a portfolio

When applying for jobs in the creative fine arts industry, what is most important is your portfolio. A portfolio displays your talent to potential employers and clients. So, take your time and dig out the best arts works you have created so far and build a neat-looking professional portfolio that impresses people. This will make landing a job much easier.

Start networking

Making professional and social connections is important if you wish to land a dream job in illustration. Networking will help you know people and is also a great way to learn more.

Building strong connections and sharing your portfolio with your social and professional networks can help you grab eyeballs and get referenced for illustration works. You can also communicate with these people and get to know their experiences of working as an illustrator which will help refine your skills better.

Following these simple steps can help you find a career in illustration. Illustrators being excellent storytellers can find job opportunities in several industries such as fashion, media, retail, publishing, animation, gaming, e-commerce, newspapers, and even street arts. You can also start freelancing and work with various clients on different projects.

So, enrol in a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and hone your skills to get started as an illustrator.

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