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Hottest Web Design Trends

Hottest Web Design Trends

Why is it important to follow trends? Trends are not only about today. They shape the image of the future. Marketing and design trends are interconnected and their dynamics are synchronized. So you should be an attentive viewer. Let’s take a look at the web design trends of 2023 that are sure to last. They have one thing in common: they all do their job. Studying examples and drawing inspiration, let’s remember that each trend is effective in its area of marketing. The choice of design should be based on the positioning of the company and the needs of the audience, not simply because it is fashionable.

Web Design Trends

New Minimalism

In 2023, a new wave of minimalism has arrived, which seeks to stand out from the competition and attract the user’s attention. Bold, lively, bright colors and a lot of “air” are in trend. This helps emphasize the main point while maintaining visual clarity. The content looks chic and exciting, but at the same time simple and clear. This is what the mobile app design will include.

Clean, clear, and bright minimalism remains popular in branding. This is where it really shines. The minimalistic design with a lot of air and bright reflections instantly attracts attention, thanks to which the brand looks fresh and relevant. The new minimalist design is enhanced when it is tastefully contrasted with the dark theme.


Neo-brutalism is ideal for brands that promote creativity, boldness, edginess, and novelty. Brutal style implies something raw and unpolished, a little rough around the edges. The viewer has a subconscious desire to improve it, to finish the work. It emotionally engages the viewer, and the picture is imprinted in his mind along with the information. This is invaluable in marketing. Digital neo-brutalism is minimalistic and bold. It relies on roughness and “visual shocks”: high contrast, rough shadows, conflicting colors, plain backgrounds, asymmetry, and unedited photos. Neo-brutalism loves standard bold fonts, preferring the legibility of beauty.

Focusing on People and Telling Stories

2022 highlighted the fact that storytelling and emotional photos of people evoke a lively response from users. As for minimalism, the most popular direction is the use of expressive photos of people, accompanied by a short text: a memorable slogan, an impressive excerpt from a larger story, or a quote from a story. Expressive photos of people are also used as effective visual effects to attract attention.

3D Graphics

3D graphics trends are definitely a keeper as it is one of the best tools for keeping users’ attention. Three-dimensional images are perceived as realistic, no matter how fantastic their forms are. Volumetric form attracts attention and fascinates. The user stays on the page for a long time to admire the design. The 3D trend is not only not weakening but has even found its reflection in branding. An animated 3D logo grabs the viewer’s attention and keeps it much longer than a regular 2D image.

Hottest Web Design Trends 2

Abstract Illustration

Another trend of 2022 was the use of illustrations with abstract geometric shapes. They are widely used as main images for websites and apps, social media posts, and packaging design. Abstract illustrations are so successful because of their attractive brightness and contrast, visual aesthetics, and minimalist simplicity. They act as color accents and add great visual clarity to the overall design. Abstract illustrations and geometric shapes were also used in branding. Their role here is similar: to draw attention to the brand with the help of color and shape. In 2022, the US market was 200,000 web developers and designers.

Oversized Typography

What makes this trend special is that the typographic elements here are independent. Fonts are used not only to convey information. They make up an important part of the visual elements of the page, shape the design and serve as powerful visual effects in themselves. The advantage of oversized typography is that it works well with many design styles. Large vibrant fonts are suitable for combining minimalist and maximalist designs. They perfectly harmonize with fine and small fonts, emphasizing their elegance with their brutality.


We have been able to follow design trends for years. From year to year, we see the same thing: the best trends survive and remain in the next year, except with the addition of new solutions. The best of them are those that work to achieve the goal of the project and help to gather a large audience. What is left behind is not necessarily obsolete; it just doesn’t work to achieve the goal like it used to.

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