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Hallmark Treasor Review

Hallmark Treasor Review

The Hallmark Treasor is in Survey No. 155 and 156, Narsinghi Village, Gandipet Main Road, Hyderabad. Hallmark Treasor is a Hallmark project in Hyderabad’s Gandipet neighbourhood. The development consists of two towers with a total of 526 units. The property has 3 BHK homes with a carpet area of 1236 sq ft. Hallmark Treasor is a beautiful project with many amenities that make it the perfect place to live because you can walk to everything you need. My purpose is to buy a home that is suitable for my family and has all those amenities that have become necessary over time. I found Hallmark Treasor a perfect place to live. This Hallmark Treasor review is based on my experience with the project.

Reason For Buying an Apartment in Hallmark Treasor 

Hallmark Builder is known for its innovative thinking and imaginative modelling of each project, and it thrives on the uniqueness of its clients. Visibility and credibility go hand in hand in all of its endeavours, making it one of the region’s most trusted and coveted builders. And I was looking for a project made by a reliable builder. Apart from that, the facilities are way better than any other project I have visited.

When we went to look at the property, we thought Hallmark Treasor would be a great place for everyone in my family because it has something for everyone. At Hallmark Treasor, your home will be a mix of who you are and want to be. Because of the following, Hallmark Treasor is the best place for me to live: Bus stops such as Vasantha City, Waverock, and Value Momentum are only 9–15 minutes away. A Swimming Pool for All the Aquaphiles You can watch cricket at home and practise with this net. It has a court where you can play any sport you want.

Hallmark Treasor Amenities Will Attract You

With 4.6 acres of land and 526 flat units, Hallmark Treasor is undoubtedly an excellent choice for any family looking for a house with A-class design and amenities. The project is a Hallmark Builder exclusive with an array of delightful amenities. Another benefit of Hallmark Treasure is that it is close to business centres, transportation, schools, stores, and other things people need. Here are some reasons why I chose the Hallmark Treasor: an amphitheatre for high-end internal events, a shallow water feature to improve the neighbourhood’s freshness, a skating rink for skating enthusiasts, A commercial tower for the society’s business people, A jogging and cycling track will help you stay fit and healthy. A Swimming Pool for Everyone in Aquaphillia, With a cricket practice net, you can play cricket at home and get better at it. A multipurpose court where you can play whatever sport you want.

3 Reasons Why I Recommend Buying A House In Sobha Dream Acres

1. Location Advantage

There are several reasons why Gandipet is one of Hyderabad’s most popular residential areas. Gandipet is the ideal blend of urban conveniences and natural beauty. Gandipet is the best neighbourhood for finding a family home because it is connected to all of Hyderabad’s suburbs. Several bus stations, including Vasantha City, Waverock, and Value Momentum, are only 9–15 minutes away. Dr Shyam Varma, a laparoscopic and robotic urologist and renal transplant surgeon, and Dr K. Jyothirmayi, MD, a therapist, are 8–15 minutes away. Oakridge International School, The Future Kids School, and Rockwell International School are all within 2–12 minutes. Enemme Studios & Pic Talks Photography, The Quality Freshmart Supermarket, Heritage Fresh, and various other amenities are all within a 1–20 minute’ drive.

2. Sobha Dream Acres Price

Hallmark Treasor Acre has a competitive price range of 1.77 to 2.55 crores for 1236 to 3556 square feet, where I found a house that fit my budget. It also has easy-to-use EMI options, making it easy to pay. Also, this price is hard to find because the market is so crowded.

3. Reputation of Sobha Limited

Hallmark has been the best and most innovative company for over 15 years. We think working with “all heart” can make a difference. Hallmark is a well-known brand with a strong reputation for making high-quality, classic products. Hallmark was started in 2008 and is now known as a builder of high-quality projects ranging from super luxury to ultra-premium to premium for different parts of society.

If you are looking for one of the safest and most in-demand projects in Hyderabad, then Hallmark Treasor is the place to be! Finding a really awesome residential project within the budget is the aim of every house hunter and this is where NoBroker.in helped me a lot! When I was searching for properties in Hyderabad, I checked verified listings on the NoBroker site and finalised the best projects within my budget!

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