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Five most popular types of hardwood flooring

popular types of hardwood flooring

Many people opt to include wood in their home’s décor and it’s easy to see why. Whether as a glossy flooring in your home or a garden decking made with treated timber, the natural beauty of wood infuses any space with a sense of luxury and sophistication. And since it complements most colour schemes and styles, wood never seems to go out of fashion.

If you’re considering getting hardwood flooring, how do you know why type to choose? With so many options, it can be difficult to narrow down the options and find the right one. With that in mind, we’ve written this short guide.

Below, we’ll explore the five most popular types of hardwood flooring.

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This species of wood is affordable, durable and its light hue means it can be stained with almost any colour. It also has a strong grain pattern that helps mask damage like scratches and dents, helping to extend its lifespan. With a classic look that is always in style, it’s understandable why this is one of the most popular woods for flooring across the world.


Even though it looks incredibly expensive, maple is a good choice for a budget remodel. Dense and durable, this wood has an attractive grain pattern – with colours ranging from creamy white to reddish brown. Its uniform texture and light colour help it complement modern and minimalistic styles, maintaining its appearance for huge lengths of time.


Even harder than oak, this wood is well-suited to high traffic areas of the home. It’s the same species that axe handles are typically made of, confirming its high levels of resilience. Widely available and cost-effective, it makes an excellent alternative to oak and maple. Ash is the perfect choice for sleek, contemporary homes thanks to its light and sophisticated appearance.


If you’re in the market for a mid-tone wood floor that will make your home feel warmer and cosier, then walnut could be the perfect choice. With its straight and open grain, this wood has a very distinctive and unique look. This is only accentuated by its rich and deep brown colours that can sometimes even come with purple undertones.


With a luxurious and distinctive red hue, Cherry wood flooring is perfect for traditional and classic interiors. It adds warmth and sophistication in spades to any room of the home, but especially in kitchens and dining rooms. It’s tight and wavy grain complement a naturally lustrous finish, helping it imbue a sense of elegance and timeless beauty in your home.

There are many types of hardwood flooring, so if you’re trying to narrow down the options it helps to consider the most popular options. After reading this article, you should have a better idea of what makes each option special – and are hopefully closer to getting the hardwood flooring of your dreams.

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