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Excellent Extension: How to Break Your Domain Name Creation Block

Excellent Extension: How to Break Your Domain Name Creation Block

Domain names, at first glance, may seem innocuous. After all, they are that small series of dots and letters that come together to make your website visitable, to create the link between the search engine and your website.

This isn’t a very big deal, is it? And it shouldn’t really matter what combination you choose as long as the user can read it for the first time. Well, you might be surprised to know that your web address has a massive impact on how successful your website will be online!

An easily-searchable web address will increase your web traffic which, consequently, will lead to more conversions. What’s more, search engines like Google find it much easier to rank websites when their addresses are relevant to their website content.

So, perhaps you may have hit a bit of writer’s block, the kind where you already have your brand name but simply can’t transfer it into a stylish web address.

You may be thinking, “whatever – what’s in a domain?” The answer is a lot, and so feel free to follow these simple tips for breaking the block and concocting the perfect web address:

Make it easy to type

When it comes to business domain names, the most important thing is that they are easy to type. The last thing potential customers want is to be shifting their frustrated gaze from flyer to search bar, working overtime to not type in the wrong web address and having to start all over again!

They will simply go to your competitor’s website.

Instead, the first thing you should consider when breaking your domain name block is how you can make your web address easy for customers to type. For example, you run a carpentry company called “Time for Tables”. The last thing you want is to make it difficult to type i.e. “www.time-4-tables.com.au”.

This is a cluttered web address that is unpleasant to type and won’t sit well with potential customers. Instead, you could simply go for “www.timefortables .com” and this would make it easy for customers to visit your site!

Make it short

You, me and most other Internet users have a short attention span when it comes to things like searching for websites. They don’t want their websites to take too long to load and they certainly don’t want to spend extra time typing out long-winded extensions.

They want to see a short, sharp and succinct web address that is easy to type and quick to enter. So, if you have a brand title that can be transferred into a web address that is as short and sharp as possible, do it – it will work in your favour as customers will have an easy time visiting your website!

Consult the pros

The experts will be able to help you crack your domain name conundrum. They do, of course, work with myriad companies who have had the same problem in the past, and will be happy to help you decide on the perfect web address for your brand. They have the skills and expertise to assist you and help crack this irritating little code.

Whether it’s through creative ideas, researching marketable choices or ensuring your desired option is available, they will help you find the perfect choice for your brand.

Because, after all, once the code is cracked you can get on with the exciting process of creating your stunning website!

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