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Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid in Your Writing

Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid in Your Writing

A text full of errors lowers the quality of the entire content. It doesn’t attract readers and those who read are left confused. At college, they cause you to lose scores and your hard work goes down the drain. Many people make hundreds of common grammatical errors.

Most of them can be avoided if the writers pay a little attention. They are mainly punctuation and spelling errors that are easy to learn and correct. You can increase the impact of your writing by eliminating mistakes. Here are grammar errors that you can easily avoid.

Forgetting commas

Before we talk about common errors in detail, we should know something about seeking external help. Good essay writing requires a focus on research and argument points. These two components can help you earn more marks. Your essay could easily lose credibility due to grammar errors. They might change the meaning of paragraphs and make the text illegible. You can write better assignments in colleges by using the best website to do assignments that has expert writers. The pro writers use grammar correctly and edit the paper to correct any hidden errors. It ensures you get a paper that is attractive and quality. The advantage of using the websites is that there’s also a money-back guarantee if the paper is not up to the mark.

In writing, you often use certain phrases to introduce a sentence. For instance, you can say “After Joan trimmed the grass she went to buy groceries.” The phrase grass introduces another sentence. You need to place a comma before starting the next sentence. It should read: “After Joan trimmed the grass, she went to buy groceries.”

A comma is also used when you write clauses or phrases in a series. Here is an example. “Examples of nouns include grass, dust, Paul, car and bike.” In the sentence, the writer omitted a comma after the word car. Other instances where you can use commas to enhance your writing include the following.

  • When you include a conjunction such as so, and, but.
  • When addressing someone by their name such as Teacher, can I submit my homework today?
  • When writing dates such as December 19, 2023.

Writing incomplete sentences

An incomplete sentence fails to make sense in the mind of a reader. It is one of the Common English Grammar Mistakes to Avoid.  It mainly happens when you write two independent sentences and fail to add a conjunction. Due to this, you leave the sentences hanging which confuses you. Here is an example.

I don’t eat bananas. Because I don’t like their taste.

The sentence would sound better if you wrote it thus:

I don’t eat bananas, because I don’t like their taste.

Misplaced homophones

Homophones are words with similar sounds when spoken. However, they mean different things when written. If you use a homophone in the wrong place, you lose the meaning of the sentence. It is important to check your spelling before you submit your text. Here are examples.

Who’s and whose

Example in a sentence.

Who’s going for the trip?

Whose bag is it?

Father and farther

Example in a sentence

Her father sold the car.

The destination was farther than we thought.

Using passive voice

Passive voice emphasizes an action more than the object. It makes the sentence look unclear and wordy. You should use active voice often instead of passive voice. Here are examples of passive and active voice.

Passive: The mammoth was pulled by the caterpillar

Active: The caterpillar pulled the mammoth.

Passive: The food was eaten by the visitor.

Active: The visitor ate the food.

Passive: The mango tree was planted by the farmer.

Active. The farmer planted the mango tree.

The voice of words plays an important role in an essay. It includes the way you use verbs and adverbs to communicate to your audience. The use of passive voice in an essay can cost you important grades. Your essays need to be consistent from the first to the last sentence. If you need help with writing, the good news is that there is an excellent website writes essays for you at best prices. The writers have experience in choosing the right voice for your essays. They are great writing services that let you choose your own writer.

Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid in Your Writing 2

Missing or wrongly placing the apostrophe

An apostrophe is used to show possession or letter omission. It is common for people to omit it or add it wrongly. Here are examples.

Wrong: Its my grandmother’s skirt.

Right: it’s my grandmother’s skirt.

Wrong: You’re brother came home late.

Right: Your brother came home late.

Wrong:  You didnt sign the form.

Right: You didn’t sign the form.

Not italicizing non-English words

Non-English words need to be italicized. The same applies to words that are not in the English dictionary which you might not be sure what they mean. It makes it easier for the professor to note it’s a foreign word and not a grammar error when they come across it.


Good grammar flow is important in writing. It makes your text attractive and keeps the flow smooth. Any content full of errors is harder to read and leaves the reader confused. You need to understand the common writing errors that most people make and avoid them. They include spelling, punctuation, and tone errors.

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