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Cloud Based Time Clocks: The Future of Timekeeping for Small Businesses

Cloud Based Time Clocks

Running a small business is very rewarding but it is a process filled with numerous challenges. As one of the most important aspects of running a successful small business is the proper management of employees, for which time clock tools are a huge help.

In this article, I will talk about the advantages that this modern method for personnel records offers us. With that, we’ll see why cloud based time clock systems represent the future of timekeeping. Keep reading and find out more.

Prevents theft of hours

When running a small business, unnecessary expenses simply cannot be afforded. For this purpose, the practice of theft hours must be stopped.

Namely, modern time clock tools offer a multitude of options to prevent hours stealing and clocking of workers among themselves.

By implementing the login system with a picture, and fingerprint, as well as login from a unique IP address, the clocking system becomes significantly more secure. This prevents clogging between workers and thus increases their responsibility. Also, the location system can be used to ensure your employees are logging in from the right place.

Promotes productivity

Traditional employee attendance recording is a process that can take more time than necessary. Instead of starting work immediately, there is a waiting queue which definitely reduces productivity.

For this purpose, the integration of a cloud based time clock program allows us to bypass these problems. Instead of waiting, employees simply pull out their phones and click the kick-in option, and their work day can begin.

Providing accurate payroll

The manual calculation of hours is now a thing of the past. With the login itself, the information about the hours devoted to work is saved, which can be simply transferred to the preferred payroll method. This saves time in processing hours and reduces the chance of an error that damages underpaid employees or your business with overcharges.

Makes the hour-tracking process transparent

By implementing a cloud based time clock system, all information regarding employee hours is readily available. With that, they can easily see how much they worked regularly, and how much they worked overtime and thus know what their salary should be.

Also, employees, as well as owners, have an easy view of the remaining free days, as well as all other information that will help in better management of the team and the small business itself.

Makes schedule creating easier

In addition to accurately tracking each worker’s hours, the cloud based time clock tool helps create better schedules that further advance the small business.

By analyzing work responsibilities, you get an insight into which days and periods have the most work. Also, employees have the option to enter in the application which days they are not free to come to work.

All of this information helps create better shifts that fit your business. You will also be able to give equal opportunities to your workers to work busy shifts with higher earning potential. This increases the satisfaction of your employees which secondarily affects the prosperity of your small business.

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