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Benefits of the Wonderlic Test & Improve Your Score

Benefits of the Wonderlic Test & Improve Your Score

The Wonderlic test is a cognitive ability assessment that employers have used for decades to evaluate job candidates. It is a timed test consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions designed to measure problem-solving, critical thinking, and general intelligence. While it may seem intimidating, the Wonderlic test is a valuable tool for both employers and employees. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the Wonderlic test and how you can improve your score on it.

Benefits of the Wonderlic Test for Employers

One of the primary benefits of the Wonderlic test for employers is its ability to assess cognitive abilities and job fit. The test is designed to measure problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, which are essential for many types of jobs. By administering the Wonderlic test to job candidates, employers can better understand whether or not a particular candidate is a good fit for the position.

In addition to assessing cognitive abilities, the Wonderlic test has also been found to be a good predictor of job performance. Studies have shown that individuals who score higher on the Wonderlic test tend to perform better on the job. This is especially true in positions that require problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Therefore, administering the Wonderlic test can help employers make more informed hiring decisions.

Benefits of the Wonderlic Test for Employees

For job applicants, the Wonderlic test can be an excellent opportunity to showcase their cognitive abilities. By doing well on the Wonderlic test, employees can demonstrate that they have the skills necessary to succeed in the position they are applying for. Additionally, doing well on the Wonderlic test could help them stand out from other applicants and increase their chances of being hired.

Furthermore, the Wonderlic test can also be a learning opportunity for job applicants. By taking the Wonderlic test, employees can get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This knowledge can help them focus on improving those areas, so they are better prepared for future job interviews.

Another benefit of the Wonderlic test is that it has been shown to be correlated with success in specific fields. For example, NFL players who score higher on the Wonderlic test tend to have longer careers and higher salaries. This is likely due to the fact that the test measures cognitive abilities that are important for success in the NFL, such as problem-solving and decision-making.

The Wonderlic test can also be beneficial for employees. Taking the test can be an excellent opportunity to showcase your cognitive abilities and stand out in the job search process. A high score on the Wonderlic test can make you more attractive to potential employers and may even lead to higher salaries and promotions.

Why have you written particularly about the Wonderlic test? Why is it important?

The Wonderlic test was the first ever short-term cognitive ability test. It has been used by both the US Military & the NFL for analyzing the cognitive ability & focus of soldiers & players.

From an employee experience POV, why is this test important?

From an employee experience perspective, the Wonderlic test can be important because it can provide a standardized measure of cognitive ability, which can help eliminate bias in the hiring process and ensure that all candidates are evaluated fairly. The test is also important because it can help to ensure that they are placed in roles that are well-suited to their abilities, which can lead to better job performance, higher job satisfaction, and greater job stability.

How does it leave a lasting impression and engage potential candidates positively?

The Wonderlic test can positively engage potential candidates by providing them with an opportunity to demonstrate their cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills, and by giving employers a reliable way to evaluate candidates.

Why are such tests still relevant in this day and age?

Because they give results, these tests can identify the applicant’s ability to function in that role to a granular level which can be used to analyze their potential.

How many organizations use it? Can you name these organizations?

Here are some of the organizations that use the Wonderlic Test:

  • Ace
  • Aptean
  • ATI
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • Citadel
  • DuPont
  • General Electric
  • HSBC
  • JLL
  • Mayo Clinic’s
  • Morgan Stanley
  • National Football League
  • Subway

Aren’t these test limiting in that they tend to shoehorn people and their personalities into this or that and therefore can be restrictive – esp. as you mentioned it was primarily intended for the US Army and NFL?

Every screening test is limited in one way or another as the test is designed to focus on the exact need of the employer. The Wonderlic test is also restrictive in that it characterizes people into groups based on their personality & cognitive ability. This may put some test takers into categories that they didn’t think of & which will come as a surprise to some. But this test has years of revisions & constant updates based on decades of research, which enables this test to be highly specific & granular. In the end, all of it is beneficial to both.

Is Wonderlic an inclusive test – how does it create room for neurodiversity and work cultures that are embracing neurodiversity?

Wonderlic is an inclusive test as it can analyze personality as well as cognitive potential on a wide spectrum. What this test does well is to then classify the analyzed traits into job roles and responsibilities in which the applicant can properly function. When it comes to neurodiversity-inclusive workplaces, the Wonderlic test can be customized for the exact cognitive abilities & personality traits that are required for the job.

People’s personalities and cognitive abilities come in a million shades of grey – so why is this test so important now in 2023 and in a post-pandemic world?

People’s personalities & cognitive abilities do come in a million shades of grey, but those million shades do not provide a million different effectiveness to a given role. The test has the same importance in 2023 as it had in 2019 because most of the jobs and their responsibilities are still the same. The work method has changed during the pandemic but the role is still the same & the skillset required to complete it is the same too.

Is a test really the way to gauge what roles people are best suited for? What people want to be generalists and not specialists?

It really depends on the perspective, if you are an applicant with a keen interest in one field & a test showed you a different field as the preferred choice, it would be difficult to comprehend that assessment. But the point is to understand what was the basis for that assessment. You might be good at specific traits that are required in the field that the test provided, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize these skills in your choice of field. The Wonderlic test provides you with a lot of information on your current capabilities & you can choose which one you want to improve, this gives you the choice to be a specialist or a generalist by focusing on multiple zones of improvement.

What if people don’t like tests that are likely to categorize them and their intelligence?

Intelligence is a very vast term as it can be used in a plethora of situations & categorization of that intelligence is inevitable and necessary. Without categorization, you cannot focus on your improvement. It is entirely understandable that people might not like a test to categorize them but, it can also show you the ways of improvement & everybody is aiming for that exact thing.

How is it creating a level-playing field from an employee engagement POV?

There’s no bias involved when it comes to hiring based on tests, the decisions are entirely based on results which is beneficial for both the employee & the employer. It also boosts the overall morale & productivity as the employee will be going for a better-fit job role.

How to Improve Your Score on the Wonderlic Test

So, how can you improve your score on the Wonderlic test? In order to maximize your score, here are some tips that you can follow:

Get a Test Preparation Course

Taking a Wonderlic test preparation course can help you become familiar with the types of questions asked on the Wonderlic test and can provide tips for improving your score.

Practice With Sample Questions and Timed Tests

One of the best ways to prepare is to a Wonderlic practice test with sample questions and timed tests. This will help you get a feel for the format and types of questions that will be on the test. It will also help you develop a strategy for efficiently tackling the questions.

Understand the Format and Types of Questions on the Test

It is also important to understand the format of the test and the types of questions that will be asked. The Wonderlic test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and is timed, so you will need to be able to work quickly and accurately.

Study Cognitive Ability Concepts

The Wonderlic test measures cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making. To maximize your score on the test, it is essential to brush up on these concepts in advance. Studying books and articles on cognitive ability can help you increase your understanding of the concepts and give you an edge over other test-takers.

Stay Calm and Focused During the Test

It is important to stay calm and focused during the Wonderlic test. Anxiety can lead to careless mistakes and cause you to miss out on points that could have been easily answered correctly. Take deep breaths and remember to focus on the task at hand.

Utilize Test-Taking Strategies

In addition to practicing and understanding the format of the test, it is also helpful to utilize test-taking strategies. For example, you can use the process of elimination to narrow down your choices and increase your chances of selecting the correct answer. You can also eliminate unlikely answers, as this will increase your chances of choosing the right answer.

By following these tips, you should improve your Wonderlic test score and demonstrate to potential employers that you have the cognitive abilities needed for success in the workplace. Good luck!


In conclusion, the Wonderlic test is a valuable tool for both employers and employees. It can help employers assess cognitive abilities and job fit, predict job performance, and identify success in certain fields. For employees, taking the test can be an opportunity to showcase cognitive skills and stand out in the job search process. To improve your score on the Wonderlic test, be sure to practice with sample questions and timed tests, understand the format and types of questions on the test, and utilize test-taking strategies.

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