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Bedroom Wall Paint Finishes: Types of Paint

Bedroom Wall Paint Finishes

If you’re thinking about painting your bedroom, you might need clarification on what kind of paint texture to go with. After all, the finish you select can significantly affect the space’s general appearance and atmosphere. There are numerous paint finishes that can assist you in accomplishing your desired aesthetic, ranging from sleek and contemporary to warm and cosy.

While selecting the right wall paint finishes for your bedroom is essential, it’s equally important to consider the design of the bed back wall. The bed back wall serves as the center-piece of the bedroom, creating a visual focal point and enhancing the overall ambiance. Incorporating thoughtful wall designs can elevate the style and aesthetics of your bedroom. From accent paint colours and textures to decorative elements like wallpaper, panelling, or even a statement headboard, there are various design options to consider. By harmonizing the chosen paint finish with the bed back wall design, you can create a cohesive and inviting space that truly reflects your personal style and provides a relaxing sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation.

In this blog, we will discuss what are the different types of paint finishes for bedroom walls and the unique benefits they each have to offer.

So take a brush, and let’s begin!

Exploring Different Types of Paint Finishes for your Bedroom Walls

Here are some of the most popular types of paint finishes for bedroom walls that you can consider for your space:

Matte Finish

Matte finish paint for walls is a preferred choice for homeowners and interior designers. Its low-reflective qualities give surfaces a soft, smooth appearance that goes well with a variety of interior design trends. Matte finishes are a sensible option for older houses because they are excellent at hiding wall flaws like bumps and cracks.

Darker hues may over time reveal more scuffs and marks, so keep that in mind when selecting a colour for a matte finish. Therefore, if you intend to use big blocks of colour on your walls, it is best to choose a combination of softer hues such as pink colour or orange for your bedroom. Overall, matte finishes provide a refined and understated appearance that can add cosiness and warmth to any space.

Textured Finish

Another popular way for giving space depth and visual interest is to texture the bedroom walls. With options like sand, grain, and knockdown textures, this style of finish can be delicate or striking. Walls with texture can help conceal flaws and foster a cosy ambience. They’re also great for enhancing a room with dimension and contrast without the use of strong hues or patterns.

It’s crucial to remember that textured surfaces might need more maintenance and cleaning than smooth ones. Additionally, not all kinds of decor or design styles will work with certain textures. Overall, adding a textured finish to your internal walls can be a lovely and distinctive way to do so.

Satin Finish

For interior walls, a satin finish is a distinguished type of paint finish that provides a smooth, velvety appearance with a light sheen. For high-traffic places like hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms, it is frequently chosen due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. For older houses or walls with rough textures, the satin finish is a good option because it hides wall flaws well.

For walls with major flaws, it might not be the best option because it can draw attention to them. In conclusion, a satin finish is a flexible and useful choice for those looking for a long-lasting, simple-to-maintain paint finish with a light shine.

Eggshell Finish

For interior walls, a low-paint sheen with an eggshell finish is an optimal choice. It has a light sheen that, without being overly shiny or reflective, gives the surfaces a soft glow. Eggshell finishes are a common option for high-traffic areas because they are simple to maintain and more robust than flat finishes.

They are a fantastic option for older homes with uneven walls because they conceal wall flaws better than flat finishes. An eggshell finish is a versatile option for any internal wall because it successfully balances durability and aesthetic appeal.


Many people prefer the semi-gloss paint finish, especially in high-traffic places like kitchens and bathrooms. It provides a soft paint sheen that is simple to maintain, making it perfect for spaces that need to be cleaned frequently.

Semi gloss paint on walls is also long-lasting and moisture-resistant, which can help shield it from wear and tear over time. Semi-gloss can be a great choice for walls if you want a little sheen without going overboard, even though it’s frequently used for trim and moulding.

High-gloss Finish

A high-gloss bedroom wall finish is a shiny, reflective choice that gives the room a sleek, contemporary appearance. It is strong and simple to clean, making it a great option for furnishings, trim, or accent walls. High-gloss surfaces, however, can draw attention to wall flaws and call for more preparation before painting.

Additionally, high-gloss paint for walls might not be appropriate for every room in your house because it can be too much in smaller rooms or rooms with a lot of natural light.

Super-matte – Speciality paints

In recent years, super-matte paint finishes have become more well-liked because they provide interior surfaces with a distinctive and upscale appearance. Super-matte paints, in contrast to conventional matte finishes, have a very low sheen level, producing a smooth, velvety surface that reduces reflections and highlights.

They can help to hide wall flaws and are incredibly resilient. Super-matte paints are frequently used in contemporary and minimal interior design because they produce a delicate, subdued effect that harmonises with other design components in the room.

Choosing a Paint Finish

In conclusion, the look and feel of your space can be greatly affected by the type of paint finish you choose for the bedroom walls. Depending on the walls’ surface condition, the traffic in the room and your preferred aesthetic, there are many choices in paint sheens to choose from, including the timeless look of flat finishes and the shine of gloss finishes.

With the appropriate paint finish, you can achieve your design objectives, whether you’re trying to design a cosy, warm bedroom or a contemporary, sleek or a cool bedroom. So, if you want to spruce up your bedroom or any other room in your house, think about the various paint finishes that are accessible and pick the ideal one!

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