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Baked And Grill: Top 4 Grill Restaurants in Singapore

Top 4 Grill Restaurants in Singapore

It’s a crime to visit Singapore and not try their grilled restaurants. They are the best in the world. With fresh fish and lobsters in the inventory, you will taste the freshness in every taste. Singapore is the hub of Eastern and Western cultures meeting each other. Their fusion has brought the grilling of fish and meat a delicacy for people to savor.

Therefore, if you are in Singapore or will visit Singapore in the coming days, we will give you some suggestions to visit — top grill restaurants to add some smoke and spice to your taste buds.

So, kindly shift your attention to the next part and make your trip a memorable one.

Top Grill Restaurant In Singapore

As discussed earlier, Singapore is the hub of multiculturalism, with multiple people visiting the country every day. It has made grilling a household name in the state. Hence, you will see grill restaurants popping up everywhere in the state. However, among them, there are a handful of restaurants that are best in taste.

Here are a few grill restaurant in Singapore to add some smoke to your taste buds –

Social Smoker

If you are looking for an American-style grill restaurant, then Social Smoker is the place for you. The restaurant is located in the quietest corner of Jalan Leban. It is a gem of a place to experience smoked grilled meat and fish. Mostly, the whole barbeque scene began in 2021, and eventually, it began to top the charts in Singapore.

Here, you will get traditional meat platters like pork and beef. It has world-class traditional dishes to die for. Furthermore, add some mac and cheese besides some mashed potatoes and veggies.  In addition, you can try their pork and beef ribs and do not forget their chicken leg, which will bring water to your mouth.

Chang BBQ

In the premium section, Chang BBQ comes to be a big delight to your taste buds. The restaurant is in the Tanjong Pagar area. Mainly, it is the place where people like to try Korean delicacies. Chang BBQ is known for its Korean barbeque style, where you can expect premium meat cuts and pieces. Later, it gets marinated in the Korean sauce to add more flavor to the meat.

Therefore, you can try their –

Wagyu beef

Kurobuta pork

Moreover, the restaurant has space for vegetarians who can try the vegetable platter, which contains –






So, you can believe the delicacy you will get once you visit the place. It will bring a smile to your face. Don’t forget to order a beer with the meat.

Butcher’s Block

How can we forget the French people in the barbeque section? Butcher’s Block is a prime example of that. The restaurant flaunts the grilling skills of chef Rémy Lefebvre. He is known for cooking with fire. Hence, the place is the best to try some grilled pork and beef. That’s why you can try dishes like –

Dry-aged beef

Grilled Octopus

Pork  tomahawk

They are the best ones in the restaurants and showcase Lefebvre’s class barbeque skills. Also, you can add some veggies like –

Miso vinaigrette

Burnt carrots

Green Goddess aioli

You will be able to build a proper platter to eat and enjoy. Moreover, the dishes change sometimes. On some days, you can get smoked egg yolk, which is a delicacy to experience and enjoy.

Meat Smith

Another restaurant that will add exotic flavors to your taste is Meat Smith. It is located between Telok Ayer and Little India. The restaurant has the best Southern-American Barbeque essence where you can try like their –

Pork ribs

Beef brisket

Besides, the restaurant is bringing Indian barbeque into the Singapore cuisine culture. For example, you can try –

Crab biryani

Tandoori Chicken

Crusted lamb chops

Hence, you can visit the restaurant to try these delicacies and give a burst of flavor in your mouth.

Last Thoughts On Grill Restaurants

In the end, we can say that the restaurants mentioned in the above discussions are the best to try grilled meat and fish. So, take our advice and visit them to try different sides of baked and grilled dishes.

Happy eating!!

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