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Are Fur Coats Still In Style?

Fur Coats Still In Style

More and more people are conscious about what they buy and wearing fur coats were mostly absent from major fashion shows in 2024. There are only a few high-end designers using fur in their collections.

Since sustainability has become such a trend, many fashion houses are incorporating high-quality faux fur options.  Using recycled and plant-based materials they are creating quality and sustainable faux fur fabrics.

Faux fur coat come in a wide variety of styles you can find something for every taste.


At the most recent New York Fashion Week, everyone was showing and wearing lots of faux fur. High fashion style has trickled down to major retailers. Brightly coloured or patterned faux fur is in style.  It is increasingly difficult to tell the difference between real fur and fake fur.  Technical advances in

A fur coat can be a trendy addition to any woman’s wardrobe.


Faux fur is much easier to clean and care for.  Since the fabric is usually made of synthetic fibres like acrylic or polyester, stain removal is easy. Some have to be dry-cleaned, but others can be hand or machine-washed. Air dry them, don’t use a dryer as that could damage the fibres.


Faux fur garments last a long time. They can look better than the real thing after years of wear. Real fur, especially if it’s been dyed can fade or change colour in as little as one year. Synthetic fibres are more resilient and can stand up to frequent wear.


Real fur should be professionally cleaned and stored. If not, you risk damage from moths, fluctuating temperatures, and humidity. Many women with real fur garments use services to clean and store their furs in warmer months.  Faux fur can be stored in a cool, dry place all summer long and look as good as new.

How To Tell Them Apart

Real fur and faux fur are virtually indistinguishable to the untrained eye. How can you tell the difference between the two?

Separate the fibres and look at the base to tell the difference between real and fake. Genuine fur will have the hair attached to a solid natural leather base. Faux fur will have fibres attached to a knitted base of a similar colour.

If you can, turn the fur over to check the backing. If the fur is sewn into a garment, you can’t do this, so just separate the fur from the front and examine the base.

You can also push a pin through the backing to tell the difference. The pin will easily penetrate the knitted base of the faux fur and be tougher to push through real fur.

Read the Label

Fur garments are required to be labelled with the type of animal, the name of the manufacturer, and the garment’s country of origin.  If the label is marked as genuine fur chances are it’s right. In rare instances real fur can be marked as faux fur, so proceed with caution.

Genuine fur is considerably more expensive than faux garments.

Ethically produced faux fur jackets are a trendy option for any style-conscious woman.

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